Skincare Products Vs. Homemade Acne Treatment

Skincare Products Vs. Homemade Acne Treatment

Skincare products or homemade acne treatment? Which should we go for when pimples are a true nuisance?

There are various ways of dealing with acne and the most common and within reach is that of buying ready-made over-the-counter products that are advertised as solutions to skin problems.

On the other hand, a homemade acne treatment takes more time to make and use since you have to prepare the ingredients and follow certain steps for the application. What about efficiency and safety?

Some Skincare Products Aggravate Acne

Regular skincare products include a wide range of chemical substances meant to give them the creamy soft texture we so much appreciate. There are also colorants and perfumes that are further added to the composition.

The rest are the so-called active ingredients that will get you rid of acne. There have been cases when the treatments have aggravated the acne instead of curing it by the irritative effect of some of the ingredients.

Therefore, why not use those elements that you know to be clean, pure and efficient in their natural form. Thus, a homemade acne treatment will have all the advantages promised by a famous skincare product and more.

Instead of buying some chamomile cream why not use the plant as such to wash your face with twice a day? The same thing holds valid for a lemon-extract cream; if this citric fruit is known for its positive effects against acne, why not take advantage of the fresh lemon juice to get rid of zits?

Suggestions For Homemade Acne Treatment Solutions

Herbs, fruits and vegetables represent the main ingredients of any homemade acne treatment. Natural fresh juices have soothing and regenerating properties as well as the power to stop infections and detoxify the system.

Aloe Vera and cucumber calm the redness and the irritations associated with acne, zinc oxide will disinfect and put a stop to the spreading of the zits, and this is just to give a few examples of what lies out there within one’s reach.

The list of homemade acne treatment varieties is very large; all it takes is patience to investigate and a little effort to put the knowledge into practice.

A green diet or a detox diet is also the one to give the answer to the internal problem that could lie behind acne. It has worked like a charm for many who have tried this approach so don’t miss out.

Homemade Acne Treatments and Natural Acne Cures

Homemade acne treatments may work for you if you suffer from mild to moderate acne. The human body is not made to take on synthetic treatments, so perhaps homemade is the best strategy for you.

Do These Treatments Work?

Unfortunately as with anything regarding acne, they may and they may not. It will depend on your situation. The beauty of using homemade acne treatments is that they are inexpensive, readily available, and offer little to no side effects.

Below are some of the treatment products you may want to try before spending a bunch of money on more expensive products. Personally these never worked for me, but since everyone is different, they are always worth a shot.

Keep in mind these are just a few ways you can treat your acne more naturally.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E has always been recommended for acne and the oil tends to be a great treatment for any future scarring. The downside to using Vitamin E oil is that if it works at all, it takes quite a bit of time. Perhaps combining it with other acne products mentioned would be the way to go.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very effective treatment. Many times you will find this one ingredient in many of the acne products on the market today. It does a wonderful job reducing swelling, fighting bacteria, and making your irritated skin feel better.

Omega 3 Oils & Other Nutritional Products

Treating acne from the inside out is how many of the more powerful acne treatment products work. Utilizing good nutrition, including omega 3’s, is not only good for your health but also for fighting acne.

Also, an excellent source of antioxidants, these oils provide valuable health benefits and works by helping your body release less oils that tend to cause acne breakouts. Along with omega 3 oils you should consider various vitamins and minerals to help keep your skin clear and feeling great.

Flushing Your System

Once a year you should consider a good cleansing of your system. This is another inside out treatment and can work wonders for your body and skin. There are many methods of doing this, so be sure to read all instructions and do your homework before shocking the body in this manner.

Clean Water Works Wonders

People think I’m crazy when I state that we use a water filter in our shower. When I added this to my skincare regimen, my acne cleared up quite nicely. Consider looking into a product that helps clean the water throughout your home.

Other Great Acne Fighting Tips

Drink lots of water, eat healthier foods and include lots of fruits, utilize products that are suited for your skin type, try and not pick at your blemishes, and get yourself on a good acne program. There are many choices and ways to treat acne today, so it is not a lost cause.


If you decide to go with more homemade acne treatments, then be sure to understand what’s out there and if perhaps you need another method for your specific situation. As said these can work, but will vary per acne sufferer.