We have always liked to camp going back to when the children were young.

We started out with a pop-up camper that we could pull behind our mini van.

The children use to love to spend the weekends in some nearby campground where they met lots of new fiends.

As the years progressed we traded up to a truck camper. This camper slid onto the bed of our pick-up truck and the children could ride in the camper on our way to our destination.

We had this camper for several years until the children began to loose interest in weekend camping. Teenagers like to spend the weekends at the mall with their friends instead of with mom and dad in the woods somewhere.

We eventually sold the truck camper and purchased a camper trailer that we could pull with our truck for short trips.

Most of the time we would leave it parked in a nearby campground for the summer season. A lot of our friend would do the same in nearby lots.

Now that we are near retirement age, we would like to buy a motor home and do some serious traveling. We do not like the idea of pulling our camper trailer any long distances.

So we began our search for RV sales and service in our area. We visited several RV sales in Georgia, RV sales North Carolina, RV sales South Carolina, and all of the local camper and RV sales. We also checked the online RV sales.

The internet gave us information on Maine RV sales, Indiana RV sales, Montana RV sales, and RVs for sale in Texas.

Although every dealer offered good prices, which were very similar, we decided that it would be best to do our buying close to home.

We decided that we could get better service from a local dealer if we purchased the vehicle from that dealer.

So after looking at several models, sizes, and manufacturers, we still could not make a decision. We had it narrowed down to a couple of models, so our dealer suggested that we try out two of their rental units to see which one we liked the best.

This was a good idea. It was very helpful in making our decision.


So now we are major leaguers and are ready to hit the road in our new motor home. We are looking forward to many enjoyable years of retirement.