As more people spread their wings and take to the open road. One thing that is common is that these trips are much shorter than they used to be.

Gas prices are soaring and that has put a major crimp in the budgets of these adventurers. However, there seems to be a new phenomena taking place.

Gone are the extra vehicles tagging along behind these RVs’. Did they give up their pit stop transportation? I don’t think so.

Anyone who has an RV will tell you about the next wave in alternative transportation. It’s portable, convenient and cheap; and it gets them where they want to go in a hurry.

What is all of the talk about? Just two words – electric scooters.

Over the past couple of years, electric scooters have become very popular with the RV generation.

Electric scooters today are cheaper to operate, cheaper to purchase, more compact, a lot faster than its siblings, and are proving to be extremely convenient.

If you want to save money, then getting an electric scooter is the way to go. Electric scooters are cheap to operate without the need to fill up with gas or check the oil and it only costs a few pennies to charge.

For more bang for your buck, electric scooters are cheaper to operate than your monster auto.

If you were to calculate how much it cost to fill your gas tank up and how long that will last during your trip, you would see that after a few short trips on your scooter, that it will virtually pay for itself.

Check out how cheap an electric scooter is and compare how much you will be spending in gas, service and maintenance on your tag along vehicle. Take that money and do something else with it.

Electric scooters are so compact that they can fold down and fit in a closet, under a bed or in that hideaway cubby on the RV.

Most electric scooters will fold down from the base of the handlebars which makes them literally ˝ the size. With this smaller footprint, you have more options available as to where you may want to store it when not in use or traveling.

If speed is a concern, don’t worry. Manufacturers have heard the cries and have stepped up to the plate with some real fast electric scooters.

Some electric scooters will even outrun some of the gas scooters. Today’s electric scooters are capable of hitting twenty to thirty miles per hour.

Speed should no longer be a concern.

In a world that is centered around convenience, the electric scooter is right in the thick of things. Electric scooters are simple to unfold, require little to no maintenance and there is no need to stop for gas or change the oil.

Electric scooters will get you from point A. to Point B in no time flat and can go more places than a regular automobile can.


So, on your next RV trip, instead of lugging around an extra vehicle behind you, toss an electric scooter inside and save some gas, money and have some fun while you’re at it.

Knowing that you don’t have that extra expense for gas will give you the freedom to add a few extra stops on your trip as well.