5 Top Anti Aging Herbs

5 Top Anti Aging Herbs

As you age, your skin will age with you. So, to prevent sagging skin, eye bags, wrinkles and spots from appearing on your skin, you need to start taking care of it right away.

There are many anti-aging products available on the market today, but not all of them are guaranteed to work for your skin. In fact, many of those products claiming to help your skin may actually harm it.

So, other than these synthetic products, what remains? All natural anti-aging herbs!

Best Anti-Ageing Beauty and Skincare Herbs

There are a variety of herbs out there that can help you keep your skin looking and feeling young.

Many today have heard about anti aging herbs but are unaware of how they can actually help to avoid bad skin with them. So, here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

1. Aloe Vera

One of the most well known herbs you should use is the Aloe Vera. You can buy Aloe Vera in most nearby stores, or even grow them in your own home in a pot or backyard.

Not only is the Aloe Vera good for removing dead skins cell, it also soothes and treats sun burns, moisturizes the skin, soothes insect bites and many other skin irritations.

Use the Aloe Vera to keep your skin young, fresh and smooth looking all day long.

2. Comfrey And Calendula

If you are looking for an herb that will keep your skin healthy and soft, try using Comfrey and Calendula.

They are able to reduce redness in your skin and keep it soft and smooth looking. Comfrey and Calendula can help to rejuvenate and re-hydrate your skin, allowing you to fight all signs of aging effectively.

3. St. Johns Wort

Herbs that are best for keeping the skin healthy are ones that stimulate skin cell rejuvenation in the body.

St. Johns Wort is an herb which does just that and it works from inside the body. Research has shown that stress and other mental problems can be reasons for your skin to age faster.

So, St. Johns Wort effectively helps people cope with their stress faced, and gives the skin a natural glow by working internally.

4. Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an herb that can rejuvenate your skin cells quickly as well as promote natural restoration of it.

In the east, it is often used as an anti-inflammatory agent. There is a special compound in Gotu Kola called Triterpenoids that strengthens the skin and increases blood flow.

This herb will be able to speed up skin cell regeneration, leaving your skin looking young and smooth.

5. Cleaver

Lastly, if you are you looking for an all natural way to get remove old wrinkles, then you should use a wet compress of Cleaver.

Cleaver is a common herb and can be found in most locations in the country. It tightens your skin to reduce the visible wrinkles in it, thus aiding you in your fight against aging.

You can use these herbs whether you are young or old. They will not only help your skin now but prevent bad skin from developing in the future.

You can wash your face with an herbal treatment every day, or drink tea made from herbs to keep your skin healthy and vibrant looking.


Whether you are interested in finding a way to strengthen your skin, tighten it, remove acne or improve the quality of your skin, there are many types of herbs available that will do that for you.

Anti- aging herbs will enhance the quality of your skin no matter what problems you are facing with it.