Central Florida has to be the RV capital of the world. If not, then it has to be right up there near the top.

The great exodus from the north happens in late fall much like the migration of birds. Thus the term “snowbirds” was coined.

Since the baby boomers have hit retirement age, things have really exploded. Had I been looking ahead, I would have jumped into the RV business years ago.

The classified ads are full of RVs for sale, RV lots for sale, used RVs for sale, and RV parks for sale. Wait a minute; did I say RV parks for sale? Maybe I should check this one out.

The baby boomers spend more on themselves than their parents ever did. Their parents were survivors of the Great Depression and World War Two.

Their goal was saving money not spending it. There was always the possibility of another depression in the back of their minds.

This baby boomer generation, including myself, goes on the idea that you only live once and you may as well enjoy it.

Baby boomers have the luxury of their parents’ hard work and sacrifice that has made their life easier.

The get it now generation certainly has kept the economy strong by their spending habits. Let’s face it, we are spoiled.

So by the good fortune of our parents’ wisdom, and a strong steady economy, we baby boomers can retire early, afford that big RV, and hit the road without a care in the world.

Never before has a generation had it so easy.

RVs are getting bigger and more luxurious with every new model. Gone are the days of pop up campers or truck campers. Trailer campers are no where near as popular as they once were.

This generation wants the big motor home. Home away from home is what we want. Television, microwave ovens, laundry facilities, and air conditioning are all necessities. This is great isn’t it?

So baby boomers keep buying those big RVs, your children need the work.