Life in an RV can be wonderful or frustrating, depending on what you make it. The author lived full-time in an RV for two years, working on a commissioned book.

Actually, she lived in two RVs, one after the other.

The first was a 20′ motorhome. Those of us who were “full-timers” rather than vacationers joked about the way to get along with your spouse in a small RV.

Whenever you meet going in opposite directions, hug and pivot. We hugged and pivoted in the tiny 20′ motorhome for 365 days.

Then we “moved up” to a 30′ 5th wheel and continued to hug and pivot for another 365 days.

It was part of keeping a happy marriage while living 24/7/365 in a small RV.

Bathroom furniture for An RV

Bathroom furniture for An RV is another part of living in a small RV. (Note: Every RV is small when you live in it.)

Bathroom furniture for An RV must be ready to “hug and pivot” to work in as little space as possible.

RV bathroom furniture has several requirements. It must be…

  1. Lightweight: Weight is very important when traveling in an RV. The more weight you put into Bathroom furniture for An RV, the harder you will work your engine. You may also slow your travels. Think lightweight! The wooden magazine rack may look better, but the plastic one may weigh less.
  2. Practical and efficient: Add nothing that doesn’t earn its keep. RV and camping stores offer hundreds of appealing gadgets. Some serve no real purpose, or do not fulfill promises. When you look at bathroom furniture, consider what it will do for you. Look around to see if there is another item that will better do the job. Small baskets may help you organize, but small boxes may do it better.
  3. Mildew-resistant: An RV bathroom is a small, closed space. Unless you want to spend hours scrubbing mildew, make sure all bathroom furniture is mildew-resistant. Shower curtains or pleated doors should be treated to resist mildew. Shower hoses should, too. If you need a curtain or shade at the window, get one in mildew-resistant material.
  4. Easy to clean: Most people use an RV for vacations and do not want to spend their time cleaning the bathroom. Look for bathroom furniture that is smooth, free of seams and cracks that collect dirt, mold, and mildew.
  5. Stable: Any RV bathroom furniture you add must stay in place when traveling rough roads. Even if you don’t plan to go off-road to a remote campsite, you will encounter tough patches in road construction. Items that will not stay put require frequent packing and unpacking.

RV bathroom furniture that does not meet these criteria should be considered carefully. Chances are good that you will trash it or replace it soon if it fails in one or more points.

RV Bathroom Remodel

An RV remodel of the bathroom gives you opportunity to put some of these principles into practice.

For example, an RV tub may have a glass sliding door. It looks good, and you found a piece of 2×2 that keeps it from sliding while you’re traveling.

If you replaced it during your RV model, however, you could lighten your load. Install a lightweight, accordion pleated door in its place. The lighter door will lock in place for travel.

Your RV remodel might be even more radical. You may decide that no one uses that tub. Showers are quicker.

Replace the tub with a white corner shower, opening up storage space. A fiberglass shower is a piece of Bathroom furniture for An RV that is practical, efficient, mildew-resistant, and easy to clean.

One-piece, seamless construction installs easily with Super Grip Foam Tape. For less weight, use a shower curtain. Attach a small fastener to hold it in transit.

An RV remodel might also take bathroom furniture from the hall and put it in the bath.

Example: Having replaced the tub with a corner shower, move the hallway sink to the space beside the shower. You have free hallway space for a stacking washer/dryer!

Other RV bathroom furniture you might want to change:

  • brighter lights above a dark mirror
  • soap/shampoo dispenser attached to shower wall
  • over-the-door towel holders
  • lightweight medicine cabinet above sink
  •  taller, roomier wood vanity
  • additional, plastic shower curtain rod for towels

Helpful Tip

Bathroom furniture for An RV can be found online at any RV parts center. Smaller accessories are usually found at camping supply stores.