3 Most Common Breast Enlargement Options

3 Most Common Breast Enlargement Options

For any woman who is interested in breast enhancement enlargement you need to know what your options are.

There are many products on the market today that claim to make your breasts larger, everything from pills and creams, to exercises and surgery. It really depends on what you want to accomplish.

1. Pills and Creams

There is no medical or clinical evidence that proves that the creams and pills work. But, many woman have reported having positive benefits from using some of these products.

Of course all the products are different and are made up of different ingredients and different quantities of each ingredient.

If you want to try the pills and creams, just make sure you carefully check out the product, it’s ingredients, the results other woman have gotten.

Discuss the product and it’s ingredients with your own doctor to make sure you are safe and won’t have a drug interaction with anything else you are currently taking.

2. Exercise

Exercise is another option, though this doesn’t directly make your breasts bigger, since breasts are made up of fat and therefore can’t be toned like a muscle.

There are some exercises that target the muscle under the breasts, the pectoral muscles. By building these muscles up it gives your whole bust line a fuller, lifted, perkier look.

Many woman are very happy with the results from this type of exercise.

Just remember, just like with any type of exercising, that you need to rest your muscles group at least 2 days before working the same group again to allow it adequate time to heal.

This methods isn’t a quick fix type of thing either, it will take several weeks of consistent training to see the full results.

3. Breast Enhancement Surgery

And last, but not least, is breast augmentation surgery, breast implants. Up until recently this has been the only option for women who wanted bigger breasts.

This surgery can help by not only increasing the size of breast but if a woman has one breast that is noticeably smaller than the other, she can get an implant in the smaller breast so both breasts are the same size.

An incision is made underneath the breast and a silicone ‘bag’ filled with saline solution is inserted under the breast tissue. Of course there will be a scar, but since it’s in the crease under your breast, in most cases, it won’t be noticeable.

The same thing is true if one of her breasts is misformed and not even. Implants can sometimes help even out the breast so it looks more symmetrical.

The general rule is that most woman can return to their normal life within a few days, though strenuous activity has to be avoided for about 4 – 6 weeks after surgery.


Those are the major choices a woman has when it comes to breast enhancement enlargement. No two women are the same and some woman will have great results with exercise, pills, or creams, while other woman will opt for the surgery.

Whichever option you choose, just make sure to carefully follow all directions either on the label or from your doctor.

Having nice breasts is one thing, but if you don’t take care of your whole body it won’t matter much.