Taking control of our finances, particularly our energy costs, has never been easier to do. With the improved technology available to us today we are able to use cheap energy sources for much of our home energy needs.

Inexpensive Energy Sources

That hasn’t always been the case. Even though people have been using the power of the wind for much of recorded history, it hasn’t always been the most effective method.

Today thanks to advances we have more opportunity than ever to generate our own electricity for little start up cost.

  • There are easy to use manuals that can walk you through the process step by step and show you how to build efficient wind turbines and solar panels, all for just a few hundred dollars and a little of your time.
  • Turbines can now be small enough to fit on your roof. Being able to build your own solar panels and wind turbines makes it extremely cost effective to use wind and solar power to supply some of the electricity needs of your home.
  • In many cases just having one wind turbine will save you about 80% off of your utility bill. If you want even more savings you can build more than one turbine or combine wind power with solar power and build a turbine and one or more solar panels.
  • When you do the math and figure that building a turbine will only cost you about $200 yet it will generate up to 60% of your household electrical needs that works out to be a very good deal.
  • You also have to remember that home turbines and solar panels now come in many different sizes and even different shapes. You don’t have to settle for some horrendous looking monstrosity in your backyard to save money on your utility bills.


So, why not take the plunge? Use these cheap energy sources so you can say goodbye to your utility company forever.