Fuel prices went as high as $15 per thousand cubic foot as compared with previous years’ $5-$7 averages. This trend has alarmed various groups- like economists and environmentalist– and are now promoting energy and environmental advocates.

Tips for Harnessing Wind Energy

  1. Wind energy is also absolutely renewable, as it uses no fuel or other resources that can be expended.
  2. If you are considering going green, wind is an energy model with a lot of positives.
  3. Wind energy is cleaner, cheaper and more reusable than many of the current sources of energy used in this country.
  4. The bigger issue is getting them to generate enough energy at as low a price as possible to develop them a viable energy production platform.
  5. Wind energy is available in practically any country, which means no reliance on foreign sources.
  6. There are a number of reasons why wind power is part of our energy solution.
  7. Ideal areas for wind farms are often along shorelines or in valleys funneling winds from the shore.
  8. Shorelines serves fertile wind generation areas.
  9. As a surface heats up, the air rises and cooler air rushes in to replace it.

Wind Energy as an Alternative to Fossil Fuel

With the cost (and pollution levels) of traditional energy sources such as burning coal and other burnt resources being powerfully high, countries are forced to look at other, more reusable energy sources to meet their needs. Wind energy is cited to be one of effective alternative.

The use of alternative energy like wind energy has significantly increased in the present days. In fact, in South Africa, residential wind energy system is gaining popularity and usage. Wind energy is also being harnessed in places in Europe and North America.

We have what we call, shaft. This shaft actually creates the energy that is then stored or converted into electricity. Wind turbines turn with the wind, and then this turning generates enough momentum to charge energy storage cells (such as batteries).

Generating Wind Power from Wind

This process is natural and simple, but produces a outrageous amount of energy. This process is similar to hydro power with wind being used instead of water. We then transform it into usable electricity by catching it with wind turbines.

Majority of forms of wind power generation are used by the people of Europe. Once the government gets fully on board with wind energy, it can certainly be a huge potential source of electricity for the entire country.

Other countries in Europe are beginning to take notice as well, with estimates that over 50 million consumers could be obtaining wind powered electricity in the next 10 years.