Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

Today we’re going to be talking about laser hair removal and electrolysis, very different ways for permanent hair removal.

I am not claiming to be a pro or anything like that.

I am saying all this from my perspective and from personal experience, because I have had both treatments.

So, let’s begin.

Everybody has those areas of hair where they just want it gone forever, and it’s a burden in life.

Now, a little bit of my background.


Last year I was really inconsistent with laser hair removal, and that’s why I feel like it didn’t work, but the main thing with laser hair removal is it doesn’t work on light hair like blond hair, white hair or gray hair or red hair.

Basically, if you have dark hair, laser hair removal is for you, it will work over a period of time.

You can only do it like once every month, or six weeks, or something like that.

I was honestly kind of feeling results from the laser, because not all the hair on my body is pure blonde, but I was not happy with the results.

So, I went over to electrolysis.


Now, when I say that it is the most painful thing I’ve ever endure – it is the most painful thing I have ever endure.

I think that laser hair removal would be like a 5 out of 10, because you feel a little bit of heat, and this is not a pleasant feeling, but electrolysis is literally like a 10 out of 10.

You feel something like an elastic band being pulled back and snap on your skin.

I don’t really feel the pinch that much, and it kind of feels like it’s like burning your skin, but you could get into it.

I always say to my girl when I go there: “This is like Chinese torture..”.

I used to book like three hour appointments with it, but now I can actually only handle an hour.

My threshold for the pain now is only one hour.


First of all you’re laying down, and there’s no cream or anything.

When I got lasered, they put some kind of a blue gel on me, and it was like kind of cold, but I still felt all the pain of the laser.

You hold a little probe in one of your hands, and it connects to the device that is used, and basically it attracts moisture.

There is little device, something like pen, and there’s a tiny little needle at the tip of it

I was like: ”Oh, my God, that is the needle?”, because when I looked it up online, people are saying: “Yeah, the microscopic needle…”, “It’s so tiny…” but still you could see that thing.

The person who doing electrolysis then proceeds to stick the little needle in every single follicle in your face, and then when it feels moisture, it’ll zap.

Sometimes the zap shocks me, because every single follicle on your face has a different level of moisture (that’s what she told me at least), and then in the same hand, that she has the needle, she uses tweezers to tweeze out the hair that she just shocked.

So, it’s kind of like a very repetitive, slow process, but it is very permanent and that’s why I doing it, because I don’t want hair on my face anymore.


I can’t really vote for a laser hair removal, but I swear when I did it, I bought a package.

But I was like really dumb with it, because I was moving at the time, so I didn’t do all my appointments, so I just paid too much.

I think it was something like a thousand dollars for the whole year, so you could go as much as you want, but they only let you go every like four to six weeks.

Electrolysis is a lot cheaper and they don’t really go by areas on your body, they just charge it by hours.

Where I go, now is $ 50 per hour, which is a great price.

I mean, that’s so cheap, but it adds up over time because electrolysis takes a lot longer.

It’s not like: “She’s going to be able to do your whole face in an hour..”,  or “It’s a how much pain you can take…”, or something like that.

I definitely recommend getting a topical anesthetic. I am using one with 5% lidocaine (“Topicaine 5” spray).

I use it, because it hurts so much.

Also, there’s stuff you can buy at the drug store called “Amla Cream” (2.5% lidocaine and 2.5% prilocaine).

It’s gonna sound really weird, but before you go to your appointment (like 30 or 45 minutes before), put this on your face, or put a thick layer where ever they’re doing it (on your legs, on your stomach, on your chest, armpits, back etc.).

This stuff dries up really quickly, but if you put it on, you don’t put anything over it.


There is a little bit of recovery time after electrolysis treatment.

The first couple times I got it done, I was swollen for like one or two days, but all you can do is put an ice.

With laser hair removal treatment, I never really had an issue.

I would even shower that day, and then go out, and put makeup on, since it really isn’t that invasive.

But with the electrolysis, sometimes you get scabs and stuff, so it’s a little bit more severe, but your results will be gorgeous.