One of America’s favorite things to do is to indulge in water activities. This can range from swimming, boating, water skiing, or visiting a local water park.

However, aside from the obvious dangers of injuring yourself or drowning, there is another danger that is especially dangerous to both adults and little children.

This danger is an ear infection, and it can be caused by water entering the ear.

Water May Be the Number One Cause of Ear Infections

Babies can get ear infections from the water when you give them a bath or if they go swimming in the pool. An ear infection is a bad thing to have. It hurts you and when it gets red, it can scar the inside of your ear and hurt your eardrum. It can also affect their hearing.

Ear infections are not good for them at all, and they will cry so much. Did you know that if it gets bad they can have black stuff coming out their ears and it can cause a fever?


Allergies and cleaning the ears with a cotton tip can cause it, too. Fluid and inflammation will cause dizziness to them and adults, too. You have to protect your ears with an earplug so the water does not get inside of it.

If a baby gets a really bad ear infection, it can get bacteria in it and they can have nasty black stuff come out. Then you have to put tubs in their ears. Also, if they have it a lot, tubs will be put in the ears so the fluid will come out, and so it can get better.

If you swim in infected water and you do not know it, the bacteria will enter your hear and cause an infection also. If they get an ear infection, you need to take them to a hospital and they will get you medicine for it to get rid of the problem.

Ear infections can do a lot to a baby. They will be tired and will not act like themselves by lying around. In addition to their lethargic behavior, they will not want to do nothing all day. It will make you worry about them.

When you get the medicine for them, it will take all day sometimes but they will get better. Kids are the most blessed thing in your life so take care of them and keep them safe from this kind of thing.


Swimmer’s ear is an infection or inflammation of the canal between the eardrum and the outer ear. This condition can be triggered by exposure to water, or mechanical damage due to overzealous cleaning.

The infection can be caused by fungi or bacteria. Another name for swimmer’s ear is otitis externa.