Infections are something that people have been dealing with since the very beginning. Ancient people didn’t have the benefits of antibiotics to help them fight off infections, so they had to use other remedies.

While nowadays people have access to prescription drugs to fight infection, some home remedies are still good options.

Ear Infection

One fairly common type of infection, especially in children, is the ear infection. They can be very annoying at the least, and excruciatingly painful at the worst. Continue reading for some information on an ear infection remedy that you can use at home.

Many parents have experienced nights where they child wakes up crying and holding their ear in pain. Times like these you can’t really rely on a doctor to help on such short notice. In times like these, it pays to know a good ear infection cure that you can use at home.

Many so-called ear infection remedies don’t actually fix the problem, but at least provide some relief from pain so that people can get some sleep.

Home Remedies

Depending on how severe the infection is and if it keeps recurring, it may be a good idea to see a doctor even after using a home remedy.

Warm Salt Or Water: With that said, one of the popular home remedies that has been used for generations is applying a warm bottle of water or bag of salt to the infected ear. This can help squelch very minor infections, and at the very least usually provides some relief from ear pain.

Tea Tree Oil: Another home remedy involves using tea tree oil, which comes from an herb. While in some cases it can cause the skin to become irritated, it also has the ability to fight bacterial infections. This can be a good choice for an ear infection home cure, but you may be able to find other options that don’t have side effects.

Otikon: For example, there’s an extract known as Otikon, which is made from a number of different plants. This extract has anesthetic properties that can help relieve the pain related to an ear infection. This is a good choice if you just want to numb the pain long enough to get some rest.

One type of traditional home remedy has actually been revealed to be entirely ineffective. Ear candling is a process that was said to help remove ear wax and cure ear infections by burning a hollow candle over the ear.

Some people claimed that this process was used by Indian tribes to help cure people of their illnesses. However, all of the claims related to ear candles were proven false, and this is definitely one ear infection remedy that you should never use.


It’s important to remember that while some ear infections are very minor, they can grow to be quite dangerous. Any bodily infection has the possibility of leading to a more serious problem. While home remedies can be helpful in relieving pain, it’s important not to rely on them too completely if the problem doesn’t go away.