Benefits of Natural Hair Care Products

Benefits of Natural Hair Care Products

Beautiful, soft, shiny hair is every woman’s dream but few know how to get it. Expensive shampoos and conditioners and trips to salons would give you the desired hair but at an expense.

Home products are far less expensive; give amazing results when used properly and very light on the wallet too. Besides, unlike off the shelf products, they are free of any side effects too.

We have commercial advertisements screaming out that their product is the best in the market to give you that dream crowning glory. They are throwing you a line to hook you into buying their synthetic product. But in reality, do these really give the advantages claimed?

Natural hair care products are derived from plants and herbs and have been tried and tested over the years. Ayurveda have been the oldest example. Ayurveda is known for its benefits and no side effects.

It is trusted by millions of people and now gaining popularity too. Besides this, natural products give a natural fragrance to the hair too which do not harm the hair unlike the artificial fragrance in off the counter products.

Natural products like essential oils, massage oils like olive oil or castor oil or almond oil; yogurt, eggs, coconut milk, honey etc are all beneficial to the hair with zero side effects. Apart from this, they are easily available in the market and light on the pocket too.

But you have to remember that using such natural products for hair care alone is not enough. One has to take a proper diet too. There are many vitamins and minerals that are absorbed by the body through the food one eats and are not available in any external product.

There are supplements but synthetic. For example, vitamins are very essential for a good hair growth. Like other organs in the body, hair roots too need nutrition to maintain proper growth. Without proper nutrition they will die and result in hair loss.

Natural hair care products include shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes. Shampoos and conditioners can be home made too. Natural hair dyes are free of any chemicals and hence hardly have any side effects and are deprived of harmful chemicals like ammonia etc which can be an irritant for some people.

Apart from natural hair products, there are herbal supplements too which are preferred by all whether to cure the aliment or for overall well being. Today, these supplements are gaining an edge over the synthetic versions since instead of suppressing the cause and symptoms; they enhance the body metabolism to fight the root cause of the problem itself. Also, one must keep in mind that a proper diet too is essential for healthy hair growth.

Natural products used for hair care are free of side effects and are time tested remedies that have been handed down the generations. They are easy to lay hands on and very easy to incorporate in daily usage too. When used on a regular basis, they leave your hair re-hydrated and softer and shinier.