Get Cheap RVs and Recreation Insurance

Get Cheap RVs and Recreation Insurance

Is traveling the country in your RV or motor home your recreation of choice? Do you love packing up and tacking off for adventure?

Many Americans love the freedom the recreation of traveling by RV offers. There are no worries about hotel vacancies, costs, or check in and check out times to deal with.

Food can be brought along and prepared right in the RV, which cuts the cost of eating in restaurants.

Plus, there is usually a bathroom right on board, which cuts travel time because you do not have to stop for a restroom break!

Make Sure You’re Adequately Insured

However, even if you use your RV for recreation only rather than a main source of transportation, you still need to make sure your RV is properly insured.

You can usually cover your RV under your regular automobile insurance policy; yet, vehicles used for recreation such as RVs carry more risks than regular automobiles.

For example, people who own RVs are not just at risk for collisions, personal injuries, and thefts; they are also at risk for plumbing problems and appliance malfunctions.

If you enjoy the recreation of an RV, you should consider purchasing additional, or specialized, insurance to cover these added risks.

Specialized insurance for RVs includes:

  • personal insurance to cover any valuables inside your RV;
  • towing and labor insurance to cover the towing and labor costs for your RV (your regular automobile insurance probably won’t provide enough coverage for this because it costs much more to tow and repair an RV than it does to tow and repair a regular automobile);
  • total loss insurance to cover the replacement of your RV should it be destroyed;
  • and full-timer coverage, which is special insurance for those who don’t have a permanent residence because they spend the majority of their lives in the RVs.


Enjoy the recreation of traveling by RV without worrying about costs of repairs and replacements by purchasing adequate RV insurance.