RVing is a great way to see America. It’s a way for families to be together, while continually learning about our great country.

RVing is not limited to America, exploring Canada or Mexico can be rewarding.

If you are traveling abroad you can rent an RV in most countries and see that country at your leisure.

I love to travel but I hate packing suitcases, eating out when other people want to, waiting for a table and not knowing whether the food is good or bad.

RVing is traveling in your home on wheels. Eat what you want and when you want to. Don’t get me wrong I love to eat out if I know where I’m going and know what is on the menu. RVing also lets me sleep in my own bed at night.

I think the greatest thing about RVing is being able to stop when you want to. Often times my husband and I may drive about three or four hours, then stop and rest, eat a meal or snack, watch TV or take a nap. There are lots of Rest Areas along your way.

I love the freedom that RVing lets me have. If we see a place we like, we stop and park and spend as much time there as we like-we have our “home on wheels” with us.

As you have probably guessed my husband and I are retired, but if you have limited time, RVing is great because you can travel great distances in less time so you can get to where you are going and spend most of your time there.

It’s amazing how a 15 or 30 minute nap can rejuvenate you so you can safely continue on your journey. Make a good cup of coffee and a snack and you are good to go.

If you are traveling with children and or pets then a rest area is a good place for them to run and play so they are ready for the rest of the trip.

If you are traveling in a motorhome then they can watch TV or play video games while you are traveling which makes their trip more enjoyable.


If RVing is new to you and you want to try it a great place to start is by renting an Rv and follow the road where it takes you. Happy RVing!