7 Secrets to Bringing Back Your Younger Years

7 Secrets to Bringing Back Your Younger Years

Aside from taxes, one of the things that people dread, particularly women, is the aging process. However, no matter what you do, aging is inevitable and you cannot stop the hands of time from ticking and adding up years to your life and wrinkles to your faces and necks.

No matter how many Botox and surgical procedures you undertake, you will eventually be faced with sagging skin and age spots galore.

Do not lose some more of your thinning hair thinking for ways to find the fountain of youth. The best way to approach aging, especially for women, is to accept and embrace it. Age gracefully with the help of natural facial cleansers, moisturizers, and make up.

You really do not have to undergo expensive cosmetic procedures just to be beautiful and look younger than you actually are. All you have to do is to follow the seven secrets enumerated below to attain instant youthful glow.

Secret 1: Skip The Concealer And Face Powder

For people who have lines and creases all over their face, it is advisable to skip the concealer and face powder. These products will only make the lines and creases on your face more prominent.

If you are a Hollywood star and are shooting a movie or television program, it may be ok to put on tons of concealers and face powders to hide you lines. However, if you are just going out with your friends or going to the mall, then sport a light cream-based foundation that is ideal for aging skin.

Secret 2: The Magic of Highlighter

Another makeup product that will truly hide your flaws and emphasize your assets is the highlighter. Be sure to put some highlights on your creases.

The highlighter will help counter the shadows because it reflects the light. However, do not overdo the highlighting. You do not want to look like you came out of the pages of an 80’s magazine.

Secret 3: Shape Your Eyebrows

People who are older usually have droopy eyes. One thing you can do to open up your eyes and make it look bigger and more alert is by plucking your eyebrows. Well-groomed eyebrows can help make your eyelids look more lifted.

Secret 4: Don’t Forget The Curlers

Another way to make your eyes bigger and brighter is by using an eyelash curler. Ensuring that no lashes are shrouding your eyes can help in your efforts to look younger.

However, be careful with using the curler because you wouldn’t want to lose eyelashes altogether. As you grow older, you experience thinning of the hair, including those precious lashes.

Secret 5: Mind Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is a crucial component in making you look younger and fresher. The ideal hair length for people who are growing old is above the shoulders. If you must keep long hair, ensure that you tie it up to a ponytail.

This hairstyle will help in pulling the skin on your temples tighter, lessening the appearance of lines on some parts of your face. If you have too much wrinkles on your forehead, you may want to carry some bangs.

Secret 6: Hide Under A Sun Screen

Exposure to the harsh rays of the sun without any protection will result in the formation and development of more skin blemishes and problems, such as age spots, liver spots, freckles and wrinkles.

Don’t speed up the aging process; use a good sunscreen during the day, even during winter and gloomy days.

Secret 7: Moisturize

Another way to keep your skin youthful and for you to prevent, or sometimes even remove, signs of aging is by using an anti-aging product that will help hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Choose a product that has natural ingredients and is specifically designed for aging skin.