How do I relieve insomnia? That is a question many of us have asked at some stage of our lives.

Many attributes like caffeine, alcohol and stress can account for us not being able to sleep, but with the following help and advice you may find yourself finally nodding off to dreamland easily.

The following help and advice should in no way replace any medical advice your doctor or other medical examiner has told you.

If the symptoms persist then please see a professional. These are just alternative ways of relieving insomnia.

What is Insomnia?

To put it bluntly insomnia is a condition in which you either cannot fall asleep or, when you are asleep, you may have trouble staying that way.

Regardless of whether you have chronic insomnia or acute insomnia, both can be annoying as the body needs a certain amount of sleep to heal and rest itself.

So how can you relieve insomnia? Well there are lots of things you can try but first let’s look at the lifestyle you have.

  • If you drink lots of caffeine or alcohol, or maybe you are stressed and do little or no exercise then these are conditions that could affect the sleep you have at nights so try to reduce the alcohol and caffeine intake, exercise a little and lose any or all of that stress.
  • Losing stress is a great way not only to help you sleep at night but also reduces the risk of heart attacks, heart disease or strokes. Exercising, yoga or even meditation can help reduce the stress in your body and in turn relieve insomnia.

Natural Remedies

There are many remedies on the market all claiming to help you sleep but trying a natural remedy can save you money and work better than an over the counter product.

Milk and Honey: Drinking warm milk with honey before you go to bed will help you relax and sleep or you could try water and honey, both induce sleep and are brilliant natural remedies.

Lettuce: Yes lettuce! There is something in the lettuce called lectucarium that induces sleep. Either make a sandwich heavily laden with lettuce leaves or boil the seeds in water. Both have the desired effect and that is to relieve insomnia and help you nod off and sleep.

Listen or Read: Two other great ways of helping you to sleep are listening to audio books and reading. Some people say a boring book will work while others say a new and exciting story, whatever you decide it should help you to sleep.


If you do suffer from sleepless nights and want to reduce insomnia then the above remedies should be worth a try.

It doesn’t cost much and you could find that not only do you sleep you are actually making your body fitter too.

Please note that the above remedies are not a substitute to any medical advice you are given. Plus, if any symptoms do persist please go see your doctor.