6 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

6 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

There are a lot of gimmicks and commercials flying around about how to get rid of that pesky, unflattering belly fat. Maybe you want to know the most effective belly exercises, well, the following 6 exercises is helpful to lose belly fat.

Exercise 1: Lying Down and Abdomen In

Lying down on resistance ball, bend your legs at a 90-degree angle, then put them on the floor slowly. put hands in front of your chest or beside your head, then force your abdomen to lift your body up 75 degrees, and look at the ceiling. Repeat 12-20 times.

Exercise 2: Side-waist Muscle Group Exercise

Lie on one side, put one hand in front of your forehead, hold the resistance ball with another hand, turn your body and head to one side, hold your legs together and straighten, pull and constrict your side-waist muscle group, you can exercise side-waist muscle by the sit-up.

Exercise 3: Exercise Waist Muscles

This action will exercise your waist muscles by leg lifting. Sit on the floor, bend one leg and straighten another on the floor, straighten your hands, then lift your legs up slowly, make your waist straight as possible as you can. If you want to achieve better results, you can straighten your two legs together and lift them up, touch your legs to your hands that you put out.

Exercise 4: Extend Side-waist Muscle Group and Arm Muscle

Support your body with your right hand, turn your body and head to one side, cross your legs and straighten, increase the gravitation with gravity, meantime, do the exercise that extends your left arm towards ceiling, after 10-20 seconds, breathe forth, put your body and arm down slowly, maintain the state of relaxation, then rest for 5 seconds, repeat the exercise.

Exercise 5: Lift Leg and Tighten Waist

Keep your feet as wide as your shoulders, sit and lie on the floor, move your legs to ceiling(don’t bend your legs), keep the state for 10-15 seconds, then put down slowly. Repeat the exercise.

Exercise 6: Lie prone and Abdomen In

Lie prone on the floor, bend your arms into a 90-degree angle and clench fist, open your elbows as wide as your shoulders, put your tiptoes on the floor, touch your knees to the floor, take a breath and straighten your legs, support your body up with the force of your arms and legs, make your body in line, force your abdomen to support your back, keep the state for 20-30 seconds, more time, more better.

Burn Your Belly Fat Effectively

Thousands of over weight individuals are rushing to various gyms in order to burn their belly fat. They start with some random exercises virtually not knowing where to start & how to proceed.

They cannot succeed in their plan of cutting their belly fat since they tend to concentrate on only one area rather than the whole body.

Highly recommended exercises to shed our belly fat are discussed below.

Cardio Workouts

Most of us tend to think that there are perfect belly fat exercises and we needed to stick to those exercises to burn our belly fat. But the myth is that there is no single work out plan to lose our belly fat.

You need the perfect blend of all the exercises to achieve our final objective. We tend to think that we can effectively burn our belly fat by just doing long cardio workouts. But the real fact is that in case if you do long cardio workouts, our body will tend to get used to it.

The end result being that we will not able to burn the belly fat consistently. We needed to take a gradual approach to increase the intensity of such exercises to get good results.

Strength Training

We seems to think that the longer duration we involve ourselves in strength training, we shall be able to burn our belly fat quickly but that is not true since our body will not challenged to tackle this situation.

It is not advisable to go in for same old reps again & again. Like in the case of cardio workouts, here we need to go in with a few reps & later on increase them gradually to get positive results.


If you desperate to burn your belly fat, you cannot achieve them by just going with crunches. It is not possible to concentrate on one particular of the body like the stomach or abdomen.

This is because our body distributes the excess fat in all areas but not confined to a single area. So full body workout is a must to get highly desirable results that combines cardio & strength training apart from crunches.

Another advantage is that our body’s metabolism is bound to improve from such exercises.

Regular Exercises

For best possible results with regarding to burning our belly fat, it is advisable to go with exercise regimen by just warming up. For good & intense work out, it is recommended to go for stretching exercises for around 30 minutes.

This will help us to improve flexibility by doing more exercises on a daily basis. You can go for cardio training by walking on the treadmill. It is also advisable to have cycling exercises for another 30 minutes.

These exercises tend to increase the metabolism of our body.

After having cardio work out exercises, we can go for some strength training. We needed to ensure that there is full bodywork out. We should not concentrate on any area like the stomach or abdomen that will not fetch any positive results.

It is preferable to include your arms, chest, legs and buttocks by doing certain push-ups, leg-raises, lunges and weights. It is recommended to do such exercises for just 30 minutes in a day. This will not only help you to burn your belly fat but also stay healthy forever.

Do Stomach Exercises and Lose That Belly Fat

For many people the abdominal area is the hardest of all to shape, tone and firm. Some of this has to do with our genetic makeup but a lot of it has to do with our eating and lack of exercise.

You can turn a washtub belly into washboard abs with some quick stomach exercises that are made to deliver bang for the buck. What many don’t realize is that your stomach muscles can be exercised daily.

You can do stomach exercises and lose that belly fat if you do them at least 3-5 times a week.

The Lift

Let’s start out easy with The Lift. Lie on your back on the floor. (Use a pillow or towel roll to support the small of your back, if needed). Now keeping your head, back, shoulders and buttocks on the floor, lift your legs about 18 inches from the floor.

Your feet should be touching and your legs should be straight. Hold the position for a count of at least 20.

Lower your legs just 4 inches and repeat the count of 20. Continue to lower and hold for a count of 20 at least 3 more times. The last count should be done with your legs about 2 inches off the floor.

You will feel the pull in the abdominal area with this exercise. Keep your arms flat at your sides and breathe normally with the routine. If you cannot hold the position for the count of 20, start with a shorter count and work your way up until you are able to hold all counts to a total of 30 for each one.

The Penguin

The next belly exercise to blast flab is called The Penguin. With this one you will again lie on your back on a firm surface. Your legs should be together with your heels on the floor. Let your arms rest at your sides.

Now slide your right leg to the side a few inches, at the same time take your right arm, and slide it towards the lower leg and ankle, as if to touch it. Keep your shoulders and neck as flat as possible on the floor.

Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. This exercise should resemble the side shuffle seen in penguins. Repeat the routine 30 times on each side. If 30 is too many at first, do what you can until you can do 30 easily.


Crunches are always great to chase away a flabby belly. Many people do not do them correctly so they get minimum results for maximum effort. Try this Ab Crunch Sizzler routine.

Lie on the floor on your back with your legs flat and about a shoe length apart at the ankles. Now raise your legs about 6 inches off the floor and at the same time raise your head and shoulders about 4-6 inches off the floor.

You can keep your hands flat on the floor or let them rest on your belly. Hold this position for at least a count of 5-10 and release. Repeat this for a total of 30. Only your head and upper shoulders should leave the floor, press your lower back into the floor and do not let your upper back clear the floor.

Raising the back off the floor is a mistake many people make when doing crunches, this strains the back and does not work the abs.

If you make these 3 exercises part of your workout at least 3-5 days a week you will be seeing toned and tighter muscles in just a couple of weeks. In order to blast your belly flab you have to target and work those out of shape abdominals.

These exercises are sure belly fat blasters. So why wait? Do stomach exercises and lose that belly fat today!