The Complete Male Guide to Genital Hair Removal

The Complete Male Guide to Genital Hair Removal


First, let’s talk about the best hair removal cream.

It will get rid of body hair super-fast, with no pain, and no smell.

Now over the past few years, I’ve tested all sorts of hair removal products, and I’ve actually tested the best-selling hair removal creams as well.

Two things to point out before we actually do the real review.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.

I’ve tested all sorts of hair removal creams that are designed for women, and they work the exact same way as the ones designed for men.

It also doesn’t matter what type of body hair, or where the body hair is, that you want to remove.

These creams work the same way if you want to remove chest hair, stomach hair, armpit hair, leg hair, pubic hair, etc.

Body hair is body hair, doesn’t matter where it is, and it doesn’t matter if it’s on a man or a woman.


So, after testing all the popular products I personally found Revitol’s hair removal cream to work the best.

I wanted to mention that in my research I found three important things to consider:

  • Does it actually work?
  • Is it pain free?
  • Does it smell?

As you would expect, not all hair removal creams work the same.

Some are noticeably better than others.

In terms of pain, hair removal creams should be completely pain-free, however with some brands you may experience some skin irritation.

And lastly, you want to also avoid the creams which have very strong and unpleasant odors.

For me, I personally found Revitol outperformed all the other major brands like Nair, Veet, Nads and so on.

First off, it almost had no smell, while Nair and especially Veet had a very strong chemical scent.

Some of these creams were also very slimy and difficult to apply.

Revitol was the easiest to use, and it actually left my skin feeling moisturized.

With a few of the other creams, if I didn’t remove it right away, I experienced some skin irritation.

And lastly, it just bottom line worked better.

It washed off the hair effortlessly in the shower, just as it was supposed to do.

It’s clear I saw the best results with Revitol.


So, when you use Revitol hair removal cream, the first thing you want to do is take note of the time.

You want to keep the cream applied for 10 minutes the first time you use it, and if you feel you need to leave it on for a little longer, do so the next session.

When applying the cream don’t be shy, you want to make sure the hair is completely covered.

If you can’t reach an area yourself, have someone else apply it for you, or make use of some type of spatula for those hard-to-reach areas.

And remember, you can use this cream on all types of body hair.

Wait 10 minutes after cream is applied, then take a shower.

After taking a shower, you will see the hair is completely removed and skin is nice and smooth.

It’s really that easy!

Using this cream is such an efficient and effective way to remove unwanted body hair.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking for an alternative to shaving and waxing, I would highly recommend the body hair cream from Revitol.

This stuff clearly works and I personally saw the best results when compared to some of the other popular brands.

There’s no smell with Revitol, its pain free, and it clearly works.

So, if you do end up using it I hope you will see some great results you.



Well, men are hairy animals, and today I’m going to show you how to “tame the beast”.

I’m gonna show you how to groom every single body part that’s filled with hair.

These are area most guys don’t cover, so let’s hop into it.


Let’s start with armpits.

Here is an area where I don’t recommend you clean shave them.

That grow out process is super irritating, it’s very uncomfortable as the small hairs grow they start prickling your skin, it gets uncomfortable itchy, and then you look like an idiot scratching your armpits all the time.

However, you don’t want a “little furry cat under your pits”, so you do want to trim this area down.

Here you want to attack it with some trimmers.

Use a clip guard around a size 3, which is gonna keep it well under an inch, so it the hairs gonna be nice and low, but it won’t be clean-shaven, so you avoid the irritation.

You’ll be able to rock a tank top without any hair sticking out.


Number two is your torso area, which is the chest and stomach region.

I kind of have my personal general rule of thumb “that the better fit you are, the better your body is, the less hair you want to have”.

Regardless of carpet on your chest – it is never acceptable.

So, if you want to go for the clean-shaven look which most guys can rock, then this is where you want to use a razor.

Just lather your body up with some sort of shave cream and just get to work.


Now, let’s cover the groin area.

This was a little bit tough and honestly up to the discretion, whether you have want to have a little bit of hair, or no hair whatsoever.

I personally don’t recommend going for the clean-shaven look, because just like your armpits, this is a very uncomfortable area to go through with irritation and that uncomfortable grow out process, when those small hairs are piercing through.

Again, a lot of itchiness, and adjusting, and stuff you don’t want to deal with.

Personally, just like the armpits, tackle that with a clipper and a clip guard again around a size 3, maybe even a 2, is a good way to go to leave a very thin layer of hair but low enough that it looks really clean and maintained. but not to the point that it’s clean-shaven that you have to worry about an itchy grow out process.

As for your balls, you can shave him with the razor, but however it does require a lot of precision and again it can get uncomfortable, so a trimmer with the clip guard again is the best way to go.


Now let’s move on to your butt

There should be no hair whatsoever.

No debate!

You can use two tools to tackle this.

You can use a razor and shave your butt pretty easy but it might be a little bit uncomfortable if you’re doing it by yourself.

If you have a little bit of extra cash to spend, you can’t spend on an epilator which is basically like electric tweezers, and it smoothly removes all your hair.

Same effect, just more expensive.


Now, let’s tackle your back.

This is an area “no hair whatsoever”, not even a low shade.

You want this clean-shaven at all times, which means that a razor you can use in your torso, you can use on your back as well.

Tricky part is doing it yourself, so you are gonna need to get a friend, maybe a girlfriend, and it requires a lot of trust.

However, if you don’t have somebody, or you just feel uncomfortable asking somebody to shave your back for you, than you can buy tools such as “the back plate”.

It’s basically a razor on a long stick that allows you to shave your own back at the comfort of your home.


And finally number six cover legs and arms.

These are areas that personally I don’t recommend guys to ever shave, unless you go to the gym and have nice calves, and muscular legs, and muscular forearms, usually shaving your arms and your legs is an easy instant way to look more feminine.

However, you don’t want to walk around like Bigfoot.

If you have very hairy legs which aren’t attractive, you can trim them down.

A clipper with the clip guard is the best way to go, and I trim my hair down pretty low.

Same goes with your arms.

If you are the guy that has good legs and nice forearms, a razor is the best way to go.

And that’s basically a complete guide of how to groom complete body.



Here we’re going to do a full review of the Philips body groom.

We’ll quickly:

–  Talk about the different models,

– Find out what’s in the box,

– Review charging and cleaning the trimmer,

– Talk about the overall performance, and

– Touch on some final thoughts.


Like with most shavers and trimmers, there’s always a few different models, and that’s certainly the case with the body groom.

You have the “Basic Body Groom” models, the “Body Groom Plus” and the “Body Groom Pro”.

So, here I will be reviewing the body groom 2030.

There’s also the 2020 or the 2038, they’re all very similar.

When you move up to the “Body Groom Plus” and “Body Groom Pro”, you get a few extra features.

The “Body Groom Plus” comes with an extended reach, so you can access more area on your back, and the “Body Groom Pro” has all the attachments in one unit, making it a bit more convenient to use.

So, I’m not going to compare all the different features and model numbers, as some do change depending on your location.

If you really want all that information and you want to compare all the different model numbers, you’ll probably have to visit Phillips’s websites to get all that info.

Basically, the overall performance is going to be very similar between all the models.

You just need to decide if a bit of extra money is worth the extra features that you get.

Usually, through a sales price, most of the models are priced very closely, so it’s probably going to be generally better to go with the newer model.

But again, in my opinion you won’t really see a big difference in basic performance, like you would when you’re comparing say two electric shavers like a “series one” from Braun versus the “series seven”.

So, I think it’s more about convenience and a few extra features, as you move up within this product range.

In the box of the body groom 2030, you will get the trimmer itself, you’ll get a charging stand, a trimmer, and a shaver attachment, as well as, two length attachments, a set of instructions and a cleaning brush.


There are just a few quick points on charging the trimmer.

  1. You don’t want to continuously recharge it, so don’t charge it after every single use. Drain the battery a little bit before recharging.
  2. Philips does recommend that you completely discharge the battery twice per year.
  3. A full charge takes about 8 hours and it should supply you with about 50 minutes worth of shaving and trimming.

You can’t directly plug the electrical cord into this trimmer, so you will need to have some sort of battery life charged up in order to use it, and when it is fully charged in the charging dock, you can unplug it from the electrical outlet.


Taking an up-close look at the shaver attachment you can see that it has a sender foil along with a top and bottom edges, and these just help grab the hairs.

Only the foil actually cuts the hair so it is very gentle, you can’t cut yourself with these edges.

By removing the foil, you can brush out or blow and rinse out any hairs, and it is completely waterproof for cleaning, and you can use it in the shower as well.

So, you just want to be very gentle when you snap that foil back into place.

To interchange between the trimmer and the shaver attachment, you simply look on the back and you’ll see directions for twisting the head to the side and then releasing it, and you can just slide it up and put the other attachment on.

So basically, the trimmer length attachments will slide on the back, and then you can just adjust them up and down with your thumb.

It’s very easy to use and setup, and it’s great for trimming your chest hair, your stomach hair, or trimming your hair below your waist.

Lastly, with this particular body groom model there is a bit of a storage feature within the charging stand, and this just helps you organize and keep track of all the attachments.

In the newer models, the “Body Groom Pro” for example, this is not necessary because the attachments are all connected to the trimmer itself.


These body groom trimmers are designed for shaving and trimming hair below your neckline.

They aren’t designed for shaving your face.

If you plan on shaving your stomach and chest hair, you’ll want to first trim the hair nice and short, because the shaver attachment works much better on shorter hair.

I found that the body groom worked well on trimming my stomach and chest hair with the various length attachments it has, and shaving the small area on my lower stomach was very easy, and it gave a nice smooth finish with little to no irritation.

Here are some quick points to consider with trimming and shaving your stomach and chest.

  • I would not buy the body groom trimmer if you only plan on trimming your chest and stomach hair.
  • I personally only trim my chest and stomach maybe once a month max, and find that a basic beard trimmer works just as well.

So, if you only plan on trimming your stomach and chest hair, you might as well just get a beard trimmer because then you can also use it on your beard.

The body groom trimmer works the same as a typical beard trimmer on chest and stomach hair, and this goes for your armpit area as well.

However, if you plan on shaving your stomach and chest hair, you should definitely consider getting the body groom.

I personally never shave my chest or stomach hair, because it’s something I would need to do on a regular basis, and it just takes too long for me.

But if it’s something you’re interested in, especially if you only have a few smaller areas with hair, I think it’ll work well for you.

It’s safer and easier than shaving with a razor blade or waxing.

However, expect it to take quite a bit of time if you have a body full of hair.

It’s probably not as efficient as waxing, but there’s no pain involved.

So, I would say it gets an average to good score when trimming and shaving stomach or chest hair.

But, that’s not the whole story.


Where the body groom really excels is dealing with body hair below your waist.

If you need to trim or shape the body hair below your waist, and we’re not talking about your leg hair, the body groom is the best tool out there.

Firstly, you don’t want to use a trimmer you use on your face to trim down there.

Secondly, you can actually trim, and then completely shave all parts with great results and no risk of cutting yourself.

I was actually really surprised at how well it worked, and how safe it is.

So bottom line, if you’re looking for a tool to trim and shave the body hair below your waist, this is highly recommended.

It’s good for trimming and shaving your stomach and chest, and even your shoulders, the back of your neck, and your armpits and it’s the best product at removing the hair on your lower body.

As always whichever shaver trimmer or body trimmer you use, I hope you get good results you.