The protection of your family is one of the most important issues to consider and keeping them safe involves making sure your house is a secure environment for everyone, whether you are away on business often or work from home.

Most people living in modest accommodation don’t realize that a home alarm system could be beneficial even for them.

Don’t leave it too late, experiencing a burglary or intruder breaking in whilst your family are upstairs asleep is a frightening wake up call for everyone involved.

Advantages of Home Security Systems

The most obvious benefit of having a monitored security alarm system is the peace of mind that comes with knowing the things you treasure most in life are protected in emergency situations: yourself and your loved ones, your home and property, and your valuables or collectibles.

You can feel safe and secure in your home at all hours of the day or night – even when you’re sleeping – because you know someone is always keeping an eye out on things.

Even better is the added relief of knowing your loved ones are still being watched over when you yourself are not able to be there.

Elderly and Disabled

Another benefit is a greater sense of freedom for the elderly or disabled. With such a system in place, senior citizens can continue to enjoy life on their own instead of feeling forced to opt for an “assisted living” arrangement.

There is a unique challenge that comes with configuring an alarm system for use by a person who is elderly or disabled. The goal is to respect their dignity and privacy, while also ensuring that they will be properly taken care of in the event of an accident.

Using a home security system is one of the best ways to achieve this delicate balance. This is largely because of the great features an alarm system offers.

Some of these features include the ability for the user to request help, the ability for their loved ones to monitor them and their caretakers, and the overall ease-of-use of these systems.

With two-way communication devices which easily connect into the system, elderly parents or family members with disabilities can still enjoy the freedom of living in their own homes while having the security of knowing help is just the push of a button away if needed.

24/7/365 Alarm Monitoring

A monitored security alarm system gives you protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s like someone’s always there to watch over you and yours.

And with most modern systems, you have quick access to fire, police, and ambulatory services. All you have to do in a panic situation is press one button on your main control panel to instantly alert your local fire department, law enforcement, or medical facilities to the fact that you have an emergency and need assistance.

Some systems offer protection even during a power outages via emergency power backup systems.

In former years, such a system would have been very expensive and considered a “luxury” that only the most wealthy among us could afford.

But today’s systems are far more reasonably priced, allowing anyone with a decent credit record and the means to pay out between $12 a month (at the lower end) and $45 a month (for a higher-end system) to enjoy the same relaxed peace of mind as only their well-to-do ancestors could enjoy.

Many third-party monitoring service providers will even install their basic systems free of charge in exchange for your agreement to maintain a long-term (24 to 36 months) monitoring service contract with them.


Before I close, let me mention one final benefit: did you know you can enjoy lower homeowner’s insurance costs by having a monitored security alarm system installed in your home or on your premises?

Your insurance premiums can be much lower because with a security system in place, your insurance company is much less likely to have to pay out for damages from fire or theft than they would be if you did not have this additional protection.

Now, with benefits like the ones mentioned above, don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your family to at least look into having a security system installed in your home?