My wife and I have a tradition of vacationing the month of January at a quaint little area in Florida.

It is not on the beach where the high priced restaurants are located and where the crowds gather. We enjoy this quiet little RV park that is on the banks of a fishing lake located in central Florida.

Several couples caravan south in our RVs to escape the harsh winter weather which seams to get worse the older we get.

It is a time that we can relax after the busy holiday season and we can renew our close relationships with our friends.

This year we ran into some bad luck just before we were to depart for our relaxing getaway. The RV would not start and it needed engine repairs that would not be finished in time for our vacation.

We did not want to cancel our plans, as this time is something that we look forward to each year. So we decided to rent an RV for our trip.

There are a couple of dealers close that have RV motorhome rentals available, so we decided to check them out.

The first question that we were asked was if this was a one way RV rental. I answered no, and that we would be returning in it. They mentioned that they were a pet friendly RV rental agency and did we have pets.

My answer again was no, and we would rather not rent a motorhome that pets have inhabited. My wife is allergic to pets.

They were very friendly and helpful and seemed to the RV motor home rental business very well.

I was very much impressed when they suggested that we drive to Florida in our automobile and rent an RV unit when we get there.

This would save us several dollars in fuel expenses, enough to where we could afford a motel if need be. My one concern was if there would be a unit available to rent when we got there.

And being the professionals that they are, they went ahead and made all of the necessary arraignments for us. They secured a vehicle for us that would be waiting, ready to go, when we arrived in Florida, and helped us make the deposit online.


So we didn’t miss our January outing after all, and it ended up being a very memorable occasion. I will not forget our rented vacation.

When we returned from our trip, I purchased a new vehicle from the dealer with the friendly and very helpful rental staff.