Some medical experts claim there is no cold sore cure. Yet you will see many other health professionals claim that there actually is a cure for cold sores.

Who can you believe? Who is right?

They are both right. The confusion starts to clear up when you realize that they are not talking about the same thing.

Cold Sore Explained

When Mayo doctors tells you there is no such thing as a cold sore cure, you can surely believe them. They are referring to the fact that there is no known way to remove the root cause of cold sores from your body.

The root of all cold sores is the herpes simplex virus – and, once infected, it will remain in your body for life.

The herpes virus, when it is not busy causing cold sores, is hiding in the nerve cells in the nerve ganglia below the surface.

This sub-microscopic virus hides so well even the immune soldiers cannot find them. If the cells could be identified, they would have to be destroyed to eradicate the virus.

But even if there were a way to eliminate this cold sores virus, you would just get it back again. The World Health Organization estimates that 90% of the world population currently carry this extremely contagious virus.

But, there is a cold sore cure are also, right…?!!

They are referring to the idea that eliminating the symptoms of a disease is curing that disease. The medical community has always claimed you are cured when they eliminate your symptoms.

We all carry cancer cells, for example, but without outward symptoms, you are not diagnosed with cancer.

All diseases are based on the manifestation of the symptoms of that disease. No symptoms mean no disease. The same is true with cold sores.

There are many symptoms with cold sores, but the main symptom is the actual sore on your face.

The reality of it is this – if you can eliminate and prevent these cold sores from appearing, you have a true cold sore cure. You will always have the virus, but it never has to become active.

Treatment Options

In trying to find a cold sore cure, we should not be looking to remove the virus from the body. This is a futile task. We should, instead, be focusing on eliminating the cold sore symptoms and preventing future cold sores.

Did you know? About 44% of those carrying the herpes virus never get cold sores. Some lucky people have a built in cold sore cure and will never experience a cold sore. Others, like us, have to work at preventing cold sores.

There are a variety of excellent cold sore treatment remedies you can use today. Some work as comfort treatments, and a few actually heal and prevent cold sores. Most drug store treatments are basically for comfort.

Since each of us is different, what works for another person may not work for you – so do not be disappointed too quickly.


If you are bothered with cold sores, there is a cold sore cure for you. That is the truth. It may be as simple as applying ice at first sign, or taking a vitamin supplement every day.

You will have to try different cold sore remedies, and maybe combine them, to find or create the perfect cold sore cure for yourself.