Verseo Epen – Is Home Electrolysis Worth the Effort?

Verseo Epen - Is Home Electrolysis Worth the Effort?


First, we were slaves to shaving, then we were martyrs to painful hot wax, then came electrolysis, both painful and expensive.

But now there’s the ePen by Verseo, the amazing hair-removal pen, proven to painlessly and permanently erase unwanted hair once and for all guaranteed

Simply apply the revolutionary activation gel then touch a pence, cotton tip to the area and press the button. ePen sends a gentle current of energy down to the root of the hair, that painlessly and permanently removes the whole hair, including itself, so hair can never ever grow back again.

Imagine never having to wax or shave again

And unlike electrolysis, that only removes one hair and could cause scarring, ePen comes with attachable conductive patches decide to permanently remove hair from large areas for even faster results.

Look, we shaped under one arm and used a pen on the other and look three months later the hair is still gone.


In fact, we tested ePen against the competition, and look it’s more effective than any of these products on the market.

Here’s what some of the satisfied users said:

“…I used a pen on my bikini area and I didn’t have to shave once while on vacation….”

“…I hate having hair on my back since I’ve used the pen over six months ago, the hair is still gone…”

“…No more embarrassing Facial hair, it’s been eight months and my chin is still smooth…”

No more pain, no more hair growing back, electrolysis is painful and can cost up to $ 2,500 a year.

But ePen is needle free electrolysis that’s proven to permanently and painlessly remove unwanted hair forever.

We guarantee ePen is the fastest easiest way to remove unwanted hair permanently!



Well, let’s just talk about the basics.


Electrolysis is the only true form of permanent hair removal that’s been FDA approved.

So basically, there’s three modalities:

– galvanic,

– blend, and

– high-frequency.

So, one is done with heat energy, and one is with chemical energy, to basically disturb and kill the root of the hair and the surrounding cells.

So another one cannot grow.

I do I like to use the flash method which is thermalizes, but It depends on the person.

Straight hairs grow straight, but if some people need the blend, like really deep african-american curly hairs, and curly hairs grow in “S”, so you have to stretch the skin.

There’s all these little tricks you have to know as an electrologist, to make sure you’re getting to the root, but sometimes the blend is longer, five to seven seconds.

It has to really stay in there to put enough chemistry, because with the blend you’re creating sodium hydroxide, which is a small amount of lye, and the lie is killing the hair.


Electrolysis has been around for a long time and electrolysis can work on every color skin.

Now, it’s a huge plus.

Laser won’t work on white, gray, red, light brown and fine hair.

So, with fine hair on the face, don’t waste your time, don’t shave your face, you can get pigmentation from the laser depending on your heritage. It doesn’t happen to everybody, but the best thing for laser is from the neck down. So, underarms, bikini, legs, etc. For these areas laser is fantastic.

The best for laser is light skin, dark hair, and you will get wonderful results.

But fine hair, facial hair, white, blond, red or gray, all should all be done with electrolysis.

With the electrolysis, you can remove hair from all over your body such as ears, thick eyebrows, beard etc.


It takes usually 10 to 18 months, but usually a year, and then maybe you’ll be coming once a month for 15 minutes, and it used to take you an hour.

So, you’re just getting those little last bothersome hairs that need to be done and then it’s finished.

After treatment you should be using this wonderful cream Cicalfate. It’s great to have in your house, and It helps restore the top layer of the skin, so you’ll always put a thin coat of this.

Also, after treatment you should be using some kind of an acne lotion.



I think a lot of people use the word electrolysis just to talk about hair removal.

Really, what’s being done right now is laser hair removal.

Electrolysis is a very old method, unless you’ve been doing it for five years.

It’s an invasive method that actually takes a needles and puts it into the skin and it causes a shock.

There are some at home electrolysis kits that are out there.

It’s not my recommendation if you’re going to do an at home.

There’s also at home lasers that are out there.

My whole thing right now is how technology’s working with everything.

Go with the newer technology!

Take a look at the problem of your skin. If you just have one or just few hairs on your face, yes, you could get electrolysis. It fits great, because laser don’t do it.

But if you’re trying to do a whole body part, there’s a whole variety of hair removal options that we could work from.

Whether it be laser, waxing, depilatory, creams that actually slow the hair growth, things to get rid of Ingrown hairs.

So let’s get up to the times!