RV parks have proven to be good investments over the last few years. That is to say if you have a wise RV park business plan.

To be a good RV park manager requires careful study of successful RV parks.

As with most businesses it is all about location, location, location. If you were to investigate the ten best RV parks in America you would first find great locations.

RV parks near a resort are always going to be in demand. But an RV resort park is going to have stiff competition because there will most likely be other parks nearby.

Campground RV parks that are not near resorts should have plenty of shade and a small lake.

Being that there are no major attractions nearby, interior entertainment is very important. For example, there are Florida Bluegrass RV Parks that offer Bluegrass Music shows and jam sessions.

These are very popular for Bluegrass Musicians. Boating, fishing and bicycling are all good draws.

A good RV park design is also very critical. Customers will want to stay somewhere that is comfortable and very user friendly. You should study other RV park plans and take the best ideas from several successful parks.

The American RV park review should help you quite a bit. Sewage, water, snack shops or groceries that are not too high priced, and friendly reservationists are all very important factors.

Not to mention a clean and well manicured park.

Now let us assume that you own an RV yourself and have visited many RV parks across America. If not, then you should.

The best way to learn what works and what people want, is to get first hand information. Visit the RV parks in Georgia and Florida. Visit the RV parks near Disneyland, or Maryland, or New York.

Visit as many as you can before making any decisions. Make notes on what you find inviting, and ask other campers what they like, without being too obvious.


Now that you know what you want to build, you must have a solid financial plan. Find a lending institute that is willing to work with you, and has experienced business loan officers.

They can put together a plan for you and work with you as your business grows and your need change.

It is best that you know what you are getting into before making the leap.