Cold sore home remedies? Look no further.

Right now, in this article, you will discover 8 excellent cold sore home remedies that you can begin using to eliminate your outbreak.

In recent years, thanks to the internet, we have learned quite a few new home remedies for cold sores – from every corner of the world. Some are very simple and provide great results. A few are a little more complicated and must be used correctly to achieve success.

Below, you will learn a few clear, powerful and effective cold sore home remedies that will work for you time after time. And you will now discover how to use them for best results.

Cold Sore Home Remedies

Perhaps you are currently using one or the other of these treatments. Wonderful. But, quite often, the greatest success is found by combining with new remedies and fine-tuning for your specific needs.

  1. Lysine – The herpes virus that causes cold sores reproduces by using arginine stored in the cells. Lysine replaces arginine and makes herpes reproduction impossible. During an outbreak, sufferers can take up to 8000 mg. daily of supplemental lysine. Between cold sores, as a preventative, 500 to 1000 mg. daily is common.
  2. Flounder – Many have reported eating one pound of steamed flounder in a single day and totally wiping out their cold sores. The key here – flounder is extremely high in lysine. Flounder has about 14,000 mg. (14 grams) of body-ready lysine per pound.
  3. Aloe Vera – A live plant is best and very easy to grow in your home. Nip off a bit of the leaf and use the sap on your sore. You can put the unused portion in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for future applications. This is an awesome first-aid plant to have around your home.
  4. Cornstarch – The cold sore virus likes an acid environment and does not do well in an alkaline climate. A paste of cornstarch will increase the pH of the sore area to an alkaline state, and repel further virus action.
  5. Acidophilus Bacteria – The bacteria that creates yogurt is also a very good fighter of cold sores. Commercial yogurt is pasteurized to kill all the bacteria. You need to buy active acidophilus in capsules. Take the capsules orally with milk. Also you can open the capsules, make a paste using milk or yogurt, and put directly on the sore.
  6. Alcohol – A great universal antiseptic for keeping the area as sterile as possible. It also helps prevent secondary bacterial infections. Use a cotton ball or swab to protect your fingers from contamination and spreading the sore. Throw-away alcohol pads are available and very handy for work or travel.
  7. Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is the oil of a tree native to Australia. This oil was used extensively during WWII as a powerful wound dressing. Only for use externally. It tastes and smells like turpentine but is a very effective antiviral and antiseptic. It also keeps the scab oiled – reducing painful cracking.
  8. Garlic – Down through the ages, garlic has been one of the most powerful and well proven remedies for any illness caused by virus, bacteria or fungus. Both an internal and external remedy for cold sores. Fresh is best. Cut a clove and rub the fresh oil on the cold sore. Use fresh garlic cloves in your salad.

Cold sore home remedies usually are more effective than store-bought treatments. Drug companies want you to continue spending money on their products. But now you do not need to – with your own cold sore home remedies listed here.

These time-proven cold sore home remedies are just a few of the best treatments for cold sores known today. Quite often they beat the drug store or prescription remedies in results and cost.


Although these treatments work for the vast majority of people, individually they may not all work the same for you.

By experimenting, researching and combining various proven methods, you will be able to design your own arsenal of cold sore home remedies.