As technology moves forward there are more gadgets that make your life easier, especially in the motor home industry.

Many people now have an internet connection in their home. More people than not use the internet on a daily basis and would be stuck without it.

When you invest in a motor home there is equipment enabling you to get the internet on the move. You would think that this technology would be hard and expensive but in reality it’s a lot easier then most people think.

It’s possible to get the one package that will allow you to have access to the internet at home and in your motor home.

All you require is two pieces of modern technology, a mobile broadband card which are available from Sprint or Verizon and a mobile router. After that you are set to receive an internet signal from anywhere.

Prices start from around $59.99. Be sure you are able to receive a decent connection speed before you cancel your home internet subscription.

Once you have everything the setup process is very easy, simply insert the card into the wireless router which will send out a Wi-Fi signal allowing computers to connect either wireless or hard wired to the router.

You can have all of your security features on the router so you have the ability to password protect it to avoid any unauthorized access.

The best feature of this method is that it’s 100% portable, you can plug it into the home for home use and then when it comes to taking a vacation in your motor home, simply bring it with you and plug into the RV’s power source to receive a signal from practically anywhere in USA.

You can even be traveling up to 70 miles per hour and still receive a valid connection which makes them popular among frequent travelers.

If you are unable to receive the connection at your home address you can still benefit from this service.

Sprint has a feature in which you pay $5.95 a month and you can turn the service on or off without breaking the contract, you can have it turned off for up to six months in a row which makes it ideal for frequent RV’ers.


Check the availability in your area to find out if you are capable of taking advantage of this great method to ensure for yourself an internet connection anywhere in the USA!