My husband and I are retired and have been for three years now. We enjoy traveling in our RV.

This is a great way to see America. I mean you really see America this way and not just through a windshield traveling down the interstate highway system. By staying in RV parks, you get to know the people of America.

This is a terrific way to meet new friends and view the different lifestyles of folks across the country. We have met the most interesting people that we have ever met in our travels since we have been retired than we ever did working nine to five jobs.

We were staying in a California RV park, some two thousand miles from home, when met a couple that lived just a mile or so down the road from us.

Imagine the surprise when we learned that we were camping with our neighbors that we had never met in all of the years that we lived so close by. It took a two thousand mile trip for us to meet.

We became very good friends and now we even travel together occasionally.

We have stayed in several RV parks in Branson Missouri. On one such occasion we happened to meet my husband’s cousin whom he hadn’t seen in twenty years or so.

We had a great time reminiscing and catching up on our families. Their children are grown and we found out that their son and our son works for the same company.

About a year ago while staying at a Biloxi RV park, we met a very nice couple from Nashville, Tennessee. We have visited them since and they took us to the Grand Ole Opry.

They also showed us some very interesting sites in the Nashville area that we did not know existed. It was a wonderful vacation and we got to see things that only a local resident would know about.


We now have many new friends that we have met in RV parks. Several of them visit us at our home, and many of them whom we stay in touch with meet us at a particular park somewhere.

We have had so much fun travel throughout the United States and actually meeting the people of this great country.