Got Leaks? You’re not alone.

Rain water that leaks inside your RV, Boat, Trailer, Shed, Motor Home, or Mobile Home can be a real headache and can be very destructive. What can you do to keep the rain water outside where it belongs?

You need RV On The Go Gadgets’ EternaBond. Once you purchase this Revolutionary product, you will keep a Clam Shell on hand at all times. So what is this miracle product and why is it so Revolutionary?

RV On The Go Gadgets’ EternaBond is a flexible tape measuring four inches wide and is available in lengths from 5 to 200 feet. The Clam Shell Kit consists of a five foot piece of the Special tape and a scrubby to prep the surface you are repairing.

Finding the leak and deciding to fix it is the hardest part of the repair job. The actual repair itself is easy:

  • Take the scrubby and clean off the surface surrounding the crack, hole or cut in the surface. This will do two things. It will clean the surface and rough up the surface.
  • Dust off the surface with a clean rag.
  • Take the EternaBond tape from the Clam Shell unroll it and cut off a piece of the tape so that it’s length will more than cover the crack, hole or cut.
  • Remove the release liner from the tape itself to expose the adhesive side of the tape and place the end of the tape down at one end of the crack, hole or cut.
  • Lay the tape smoothly over the repair area completely removing the release liner from the tape as you lay it out over the surface. Firmly push the tape onto the surface you are repairing.
  • Use a small metal or wooden roller to activate the adhesive properties of the tape by rolling it over the tape. This will ensure the tape adheres well to the surface.

That’s it. you’re done. Peel, stick, stuck.

You will have a secure, non-hardening, flexible, water proof seal over that pesky leak. Now you can get back to enjoying the RVing lifestyle you have yearned for.

Select the RV On The Go Gadgets’ EternaBond Tape with the adhesive properties which are best suited to your repair job.

One Step tape comes in White and Black and is normally used for RV roof tops. “A” Seal is for Aluminum surfaces and has an Aluminum foil cover on the tape. UV White and UV Black are used to repair leaks on Motor Homes, RV’s, Campers, Boats, Sheds and more.

It has a built in UV shield in the tape surface. Stick 2 Sides tape is used for bedding down items you are mounting on the surface of the RV, Boat, Motor Home, etc.

First you peel off the release liner from one side of the Stick 2 Sides tape and firmly apply the tape to the surface where you will install that vent, or sky light.

Remove the release liner on the top side of the tape. Place your vent or sky light onto the tape, and secure it in place as you would normally.

The Stick 2 Sides tape can also be used to fill holes or cracks or spaces too wide for the other tapes to do on their own.

Once you have cut a piece of the tape and removed both sides of the release liner, you can mold the adhesive tape into a ball, a long roll or what ever shape you need. Push it into the crack or hole and cover it with the UV White or UV Black or the One Step White or Black.

Remember to roll the finish tape firmly onto the surface in order to activate the adhesive properties of the tape.

What could be easier? The price, that’s what. The tape is not expensive and is so easy to apply that it has started a Revolution in the leak repair industry. It is so easy and cost effective, that the RV owner buying the tape and doing the job themselves.

Get your RV On The Go Gadgets’ EternaBond tape and join the hundreds of owners that have corrected leak problems. Now that the tape is available, you don’t need to postpone those needed repairs.


Good luck and have fun with your EternaBond knowing that this is a one time repair job that will last and last and last. Professionals are doing it.

Home owners are doing it and now you can do it too. Last week you couldn’t spell Leak Repair Professional and now you are one.