Using these tips on how to save money can literally save you thousands of dollars a year You may think that these tips sound like prison camp rules, however there are a lot of ways to have fun without spending money.

I guarantee you will be stress free if you follow these money saving tips.

  1. Don’t buy your lunch, pack it yourself. It won’t kill you. Stop going out to dinner. Going out to dinner used to be a planned and special outing but now people eat out because they do not feel like cooking.
  2. Cut down on certain luxuries like cigarettes and alcohol. I bought a packet of cigarettes for a friend the other day and I nearly died when I heard the price.
  3. Stop buying coffees at the cafe when you can make it yourself.
  4. Do not buy bottles of water.
  5. Save money on your gas or petrol bills by not driving to the shop for one item. Be prepared and have what you need, and if you run out, bad luck!
  6. If you have a garden, grow something. Lettuce is easy and is good for salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, and tacos. You could even grow herbs in pots on a window ledge with sun.
  7. Swap your surplus produce with others. My neighbors give me eggs in exchange for vegies from my garden.
  8. Reduce the monthly bills you have to pay. Do you really need the premium internet account or the pay TV. What else are you paying for that you really don’t need.
  9. Turn your electrical items off at the wall. Simply turning the on off switch will not stop the device from using power.
  10. Go shopping once a fortnight. Stick to a shopping list. Buy items in bulk and when on special. If chicken fillet is on special, have that for dinner. Don’t buy Premium Lamb cutlets at $25 a kilo just because you want them.
  11. Buy second-hand items. I bought a used play station 2 console. The kids were very happy and I saved around $200. Well looked after, used cars can save you thousands of dollars.
  12. Don’t buy anything unless you have the cash in your pocket. Credit cards and interest free loans are a trap! The interest rates make your repayments a lot larger than what you actually spent.
  13. Cut down on waste. Use food in your fridge before it turns bad. Freeze what you can. Eat leftovers.
  14. Buy your clothes when they are out of season. You can get them for half price or less. School uniforms are great to buy second hand as your child grows so quick.
    Look after what you already have. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way.
  15. Develop a budget and try to stick to it. Its not easy but once you master it, you will never look back.
  16. Get rid of that extra car. Some families have more cars than they need. They cost registration, insurance and petrol. Maybe you could do with one family car and one motorbike.
  17. Get a smaller car that does not chew the petrol or gas like a big one.
  18. Use your computer to communicate with family and friends around the world. If you have a web cam Windows Live messenger lets you chat to people and they can see you at the same time.
  19. Play music from the internet. My children play video clips on youtube. You can also do internet banking.
  20. Read newspapers online.
  21. Don’t carry cash in your pocket because you will spend it.

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