12 Signs of Alcohol Addiction


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Many alcoholics are in denial about their addiction but there may actually be signs that are signalling that you do in fact have a problem and need help.

If you even think in the slightest way that you could have an alcohol problem then take an honest look at these twelve symptoms and ask yourself if this sounds just like you.

Are You An Alcoholic?

You don’t need to have all twelve of these symptoms to be an alcoholic, in fact you only need to have a couple of these symptoms and you could very well be an alcoholic.

  1. Feel ashamed or guilty about your drinking. Do you try to hide that you drink or become defensive if questioned about your drinking? Ask yourself honestly if you feel ashamed with your drinking habit.
  2. Drinking alcohol at times and occasions when it is dangerous. The most obvious example is driving while intoxicated, but it could also be operating equipment or heavy machinery or even drinking while pregnant.
  3. Once you start drinking you can’t stop. Do you ever go out for a drink and find that once you start drinking you just don’t know when to stop? Even if you go out for just a couple of quiet drinks you always end up drunk and can’t remember much the next day.
  4. Constantly think about drinking. Do you find yourself constantly thinking about when you will have your next drink? Do you plan your schedule around going out for a drink? If you find that you are doing this regularly, even daily, then you might have a drinking problem.
  5. You just can’t quit drinking. Have you ever thought about quitting drinking altogether but you just can’t do it? You know the health problems associated with drinking so you want to stop, but you just can’t.
  6. Find excuses to have a drink. You may have started out having a drink to calm yourself or to relax after a hard day. You may have had the occasional drink socially. Now you find that you are always looking for a reason to have a drink.
  7. Drinking secretly. Do you hide your drinking? Do you hide alcohol around the house and sneak some whenever no-one is around? Do you hide your drinking from your family because you don’t want them nagging you? Your family talk to you about drinking because they care about you and want you to stop.
  8. Blacking out and not remembering the night before. How many times do you wake up the next morning and can’t remember anything from the night before? If you can’t remember what you did, how do you know you aren’t going to do something stupid or dangerous? If you have blackouts then you have no control over what you are doing and this is just plain dangerous.
  9. Hurt someone while drunk. When you drink you often do or say things that you otherwise wouldn’t. You could find that you hurt someone, emotionally or physically, and you could even harm someone seriously. You could have some serious regret when you sober up and realize what you have done.
  10. Takes more drinks to get drunk. Have you built up a tolerance where it now takes you two or three times more alcohol before you start to enjoy yourself? You drink more because you don’t feel like it’s having much effect, but your body really can’t handle more and you are just putting yourself at greater risk.
  11. Lie about your drinking. If you are lying about your drinking then you are obviously drinking too much. When you lie to those you love you are betraying their trust and you could find yourself without any friends or family left.
  12. You drink even when you know you shouldn’t. You know that drinking isn’t good for you and that you are drinking too much and yet you continue to do it. You know that when you drink you do things that hurt people or things that are just wrong and yet you continue to drink.

These are some pretty serious symptoms and just one or two of these can be very serious.

If you see some of these traits in yourself then you really do have a drinking problem and need to seek help.

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