Since retirement, we have done a lot of traveling in our new RV. We have found that our lifestyle is very popular among baby boomers our age.

We have met a lot of very nice and interesting people during our travels and hope to meet many more.

A lot of retired couples tend to settle on a particular RV park and go no where else. But we are very adventurous and like to see new things and new faces.

RV parks are being built everywhere. Branson RV parks and campgrounds have popped up like mushrooms. We always enjoy going there because of the great entertainment offered in the theatres.

Disney World RV parking is also quite nice. You are never too old to enjoy Disney World.

We also like to get away to the more secluded areas like the Colorado River RV parks. The Colorado River is so beautiful any time of the year.

I think one of my favorites was the Pioneer Resorts and RV park. Our neighbors there sure could cook. We partook of Bison steaks and fresh corn one evening that was superb.

The great thing about traveling to different locations is the variety of food that you find. You can find Mexican food at RV parks in Lubbock Texas, great wines at RV parks in Southern California, and seafood at the Sun City Florida RV parks.

RV parks have kept up with the times also. You can find RV parks with internet in a lot of areas. This is great for those who like to keep in touch with family by means of email.


We can keep track of our investments and can even pay bills over the internet. This gives us more freedom to travel.

We hope to see the entire United States and meet as many people as we can while we still have our good health. I is a real blessing to be able to do this and we are very thankful.