If you are a Canadian, you may notice that every year around the beginning of June, large quantities of RVs seem to hit the roads.

The weather is nice, the flowers are blooming, the grass is green and it is just the perfect time of year to get that RV out. Many Canadians view the RV as a neat way to see the rest of the country.

Retired folk often spend large chunks of cash on top of the line RVs with all the gimmicks and spend most of their summers riding the open road from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

Canadians whose jobs allow them to have the summers off, such as teachers, can also be seen hitting the roads in their RVs.

The majority of RV owners would agree that owning an RV is one of the best ways to see the country and to experience that of which you have not experienced before.

Keep in mind that most RVs on the market today have all of the amenities that you would ever need away from home. They come equipped with stoves, refrigerators, beds, living room furniture, ample counter space and the ever popular bathroom.

When you are on the road, the only real expenses that you must consider are gas money and food. Normally, you will also find it cheaper to eat because you can buy food at grocery stores and prepare it yourself rather than hit up those expensive restaurants.

In the end, this is also healthier because you can literally have a home-cooked meal away from home rather than gorging yourself with fast food. Another advantage to having an RV is that you can pretty much bunk down for the night anywhere you choose.

Many people enjoy the structure and atmosphere that an RV park provides, but you need not stay at an RV park if that is not your fancy.

Many Wal-Mart department stores across Canada (especially in rural areas) allow RV’ers to bunk down for the night in their parking lots.

Some RV cruisers also decide to find a nice secluded area and set up shop there. The only thing to remember is to ensure that you are not on private property and that you are indeed welcome at the spot which you choose to stay.

The freedom of the open road and playing by your own rules is another advantage. If you want to stop for a snack, you can. If you want to stop for a nap, you can. If you want to spend an extra day or two at one particular spot, you can.

You are not limited by itineraries set by airline companies, bus companies, train companies or hotels that have you check out at a certain time.


It’s fair to say that for someone who wants to take their time, see parts of the country that they have not seen before and have the freedom of making their own schedule, the RV is for them.

They are not cheap by any means and it really is something that most people buy only if they are seriously planning on getting use out of it. However, one taste of the open road in that state-of-the-art RV and you will be hooked for life!