When going on an extended road trip, there are usually two options.

First is to take whatever vehicle you have handy and drive, hoping to find a motel or someplace where you can stay if it gets too late out on the open road.

The other option is to rent a motor home RV and do away with the worrying of where you’ll be sleeping at night during your trip.

A motor home RV, or recreational vehicle, may not have all the comforts and nuances that you have in an actual house but when you’re out there, these vehicles offer a level of luxury that comes as close as you can get.

A motor home RV generally comes in two varieties: the trailer that you can haul behind your main vehicle, or the house-on-wheels variety.

The first variety is best suited for extended family vacations driving the open highway, particularly if the family in question is going to be driving up and down backroads.

The second variety is also as useful in similar situations but many hold the opinion that it would be better suited for short-term excursions, such as camping or fishing trips.

Of course, if you are looking for other options, there are other varieties to the RV, but the two previously mentioned are the most prominently used.

While the features that all the various motor home RV models have tend to differ between the variety and the manufacturer, a few features are constant.

Chief among these is the simplicity of the concept. Regardless of what features or additions are made, an RV is, first and foremost, a mobile living space for whoever owns it.

While comfort can become a secondary issue when it comes to a number of units, the RV units in the world today still fulfill the original design intent.

Some of the standard implements include beds for at least two people, a fully functional bathroom with sink, and for the larger ones, a partially functional kitchen area.

With features like that, worrying about where to get your next meal or where to stay the night is no longer a concern.

In addition, while it may not sound very savory to the socialite in all of us, a motor home RV can be used as a far cheaper alternative to an actual house.

The way things are, owning one’s own house is one of the most expensive things in the world. In contrast, the costs of a motor home are much cheaper, despite giving up several other conveniences.

The main problem would be the fact that there are certain luxuries that are harder to access in a mobile home.

Fortunately, modern RV units are capable of emulating a large number of modern conveniences and luxuries present in modern motor home RV units, so there isn’t that much of a difference.

Additionally, motor home RV manufacturers are constantly upgrading and updating their technologies, so modern units can now access cable TV and WiFi, as well as a host of other modern, technological conveniences.

Besides, the bank can’t repossess your home if you can drive it away.