5 Ways to Choose a Hairstyle

5 Ways to Choose a Hairstyle

One common mistake hairstylists make is to impose the trendiest hairstyles on their clients simply because these are the “in” hairstyles for the season and they want their clients to be just as “in.”

This is a bad way to serve a client because clients come in all shapes and sizes with different faces to boot so they each need a hairstyle that is perfect for them and not necessarily the trendiest they can get.

What are the factors that you need to consider before having your hair cut? Definitely, you aim for perfection or at least, a hair cut that’s pleasing to the eyes.

People generally have one of the five main facial shapes which are oval, the oblong or long shaped face, round, square, or heart shaped face.

So what would it take for you to get the best haircut? Your face shape is your basis for your hair cut session. And before you agree to a supposed-innovative cut, consider the following unwavering tips:

• A person with an oval face is considered very lucky because a person with this type of face can probably be given even very geometric or very trendy hairstyles and she can still get away with it. This may explain why so many of the models you find posing for the hairstyling magazines have oval faces. If you do not have an oval face, do not ask for hairstyles suitable for people with this facial type.

• A person with a longish or oblong face needs some curves from her hair to provide the illusion of width. A skilled hairstylist will know which hairstyles will do this for you and which hairstyles will just emphasize your longish face.

• A person with a round face must not get hairstyles that emphasize the illusion of weight or bulk because these bring too much attention to the roundness of the person’s face. Try chin-length hairstyles for starters, or those that put more volume at the top.

• An example of a beautiful woman with a squarish face is singer Belinda Carlyle. You need to de-emphasize the jawline by getting hairstyles that are layered and sleek, starting at the jaw line. You might also opt for spikey haircuts too. A bob is really a no-no for a person with a square-shaped face because this will just bring back attention to the jawline.

• A person with a heart-shaped face has the advantage of having a nice face shape but there might be too much emphasis on the chin area with this facial type. You could opt for a hairstyle where windswept bangs are left on your forehead so that the cheekbones and eyes are made important again to the looker. Short-haired people with this facial type should ask for soft and long top layers for their haircut from the hairstylist. Harsh haircuts are not becoming to these types of clients.

But what about those clients who want to copy their favorite celebrities? Should the hairstylist give in and give them that haircut even if the style doesn’t suit the client?

Well, even though there are top hairstylists who consider their craft to be an art form, the truth is also that haircutting and hairstyling is a business so if the client really insists, the hairstylist may find it less stressful to just give the haircut and get it over with rather than argue with the client.

After all, it’s the client who has to bear with the haircut for the short term anyway, not the hairstylist.