If it’s your family’s first outdoor adventure and you want to have a great time without experiencing the complications of tent camping then it is a good idea to go for an RV camping trip.

To make sure that your family gets to have a great time during your RV camping trip, here are a few tips you can follow.

Tip #1: Create a Checklist

Just like in tent camping, you should avoid the “I forgot” scenarios by creating a checklist that will give you an overview of the things you need to bring and pack.

No, it doesn’t mean you have to squeeze the entire house in the luggage compartment in your RV. Just be sure you bring the essentials and you won’t have a problem.

Here is an example of a comprehensive checklist which you can use and then just add in other personal items that you need.

For the camping gears, you need to pack in a lantern, fuel, matches, compass and maps, comfortable chairs for lounging outdoors, foldable chairs and tables, extra batteries, flashlight, and rope.

Don’t forget to list your RV needs like a fire extinguisher, a set of tools for small home repair, some wood blocks for the leveling process, indoor heaters and a portable generator.

Under the category of eating and food preparation, list meal ingredients, food, drinking water, cook stove and fuel, table, folding chairs, cookware, cooking and eating utensils, can opener, coolers, and ice.

What you’ll need for comfortable sleep, pack in inflatable mattresses with pump, cots, pillow, blankets and sleeping bags.

For your personal items, you need to have your first aid kit, clothing, rain gear, toiletries, camera and film, and insect repellent.

Tip #2: Pick a Nice RV Camping Park

There are many RV campsites with facilities and amenities that will make your stay fun and convenient.

It is also smart to pick a park that not only gives you a nice site to camp on but also offers a variety of great outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, boating, white water rafting, and biking to make sure none in the family gets bored.

Tip #3: Create Wonderful and Exciting Camping Activities for You and Your Family

Remember one of the purposes of any family camping trip is family bonding time. Together, you can engage in activities that the park has to offer together, go hiking and see spectacular sights.

You can also play family fun games back in your camp spot. This will surely make your RV camping trip even more memorable.

Tip #4: Create Sumptuous Meals for You and Your Family to Feast On

So that cooking does not take your whole day, it is best to prepare the ingredients at home by measuring them and putting them in resealable plastic bags with labels to make cooking easier and faster.

It is also smart if you half cook meat, potatoes and other food to save cooking time. Be sure to prepare meals that are loved by the whole family and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Tip #5: Create a Comfortable Sleeping Ambiance for Your Family

All’s well that ends well. After a whole day of fun but exhausting activities, your family needs to get a good night’s rest.

Be sure to heat up your sleeping area toasty warm with a reliable Coleman heater like the Coleman SportCat Catalytic Heater and have your family sleep in comfortable sleeping bags or air mattresses.


RV camping which is a deviation from regular camping trip is a great way to spend time with your family.

You and your family can get close to the nature and yet not be too far away from the comfort and conveniences of a homey ambience. Bringing an RV to a campsite is like having home away from home.