Top Tips for Grilling Salmon


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Salmon is one of the best fish for grilling.  It is very versatile flavor wise and stands up well on the grill.  It will let you know when it is ready to be flipped from one side to the other.

In addition, the natural flavor of the fish will need little help from outside spices and flavorings to come out successfully.  Many people are intimidated when they think about trying to grill salmon however, they should not be – it is not nearly as difficult as many people make it out to be.

How to Make the Best Grilled Salmon

As long as you do not overcook the salmon you should do well grilling it.  It is a great piece of fish to prepare for your family, as it is very nutritious.

  • Before grilling your salmon, make sure your grill is well seasoned.
  • Make sure that you have scrubbed the gate and oiled it down as you would a cast iron dish.
  • Make sure you use a high heat tolerant oil like canola otherwise the oil will smoke.
  • Oil the salmon filet as well on the skin side.
  • Allow time for the oil to soak into the skin of the fish.
  • Drizzle any remaining oil onto the top of the filet before cooking. This will help the salmon to cook up properly as well as not stick to the grill when you are cooking it.
  • If you have a thicker cut of fish, it is important to remember that you need to allow the fish time to cook through the thickest part. It is easiest to do this by allowing the grill cover to be closed while cooking to keep the heat as even as possible.
  • Keep the thinnest part of the fish towards the outside of the grill. Salmon will finish cooking as it rests – to avoid overcooking the fish remove it from the grill while it is still slightly red in the center.
  • Salmon is one of the few fish that will release from the grill when it is time to flip. Once it releases (but before it gets to the point of falling apart), flip the fish. Do not be shy otherwise; you are going to end up with fish pieces everywhere.
  • Be confident and bold when you flip the fish – it is already dead it’s not going to wriggle around and jump off the grill. You have control of the fish and where it goes – just don’t try to show off.
  • Try different tips and techniques until you find the technique that works best for you.

Salmon is a great food to prepare for your family due to it being rich in vitamins and other important minerals that your body needs.  It can seem daunting to try to grill it especially if you never have before but remember that learning a new skill takes patience.

Grilling salmon can be daunting and challenging as grilling any fish may be however, the rewards for your time and dedication far outweigh the challenges you may face while trying to grill the salmon the first few times.

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