The Verseo Eglide Electrolysis Roller Home Hair Removal System

The Verseo Eglide Electrolysis Roller Home Hair Removal System

With “Verseo eGlide, beauty and technology have come together.

Today, let’s talk about “Verseo eGlide”, a unique roller electrolysis system, which uses advanced patented technology to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Now, hair removal at home is so simple.

It’s so easy use, “Verseo eGlide” to remove unwanted hair on your face, on your arms, bikini line and legs, or even difficult problem areas like the upper lip and chin, and the treatment is completely painless.

Unlike laser, our intense pulse, eGlide can be used on all skin types at just a fraction of the cost, and there’s no risk of scarring.

No more waxing or shaving eGlide, and no more painful needle electrolysis at the beauty salon.

eGlide is non-invasive and there are no side effects.

Clinical trials have shown that eGlide technology is as effective as needle electrolysis.

Use it for just 10 minutes a week, and you’ll see over 60 percent permanent hair reduction in just 90 days.


The advanced micro electronic circuitry in eGlide generates galvanic electronic pulses which are emitted through the conductive roller system.

Galvanic current must travel from the roller onto the skin through the body and back to the metal strips on each side of the eGlide.

That’s why you should always hold the eGlide, with your thumb bent fingers touching the metal strips on each side.

A special conductive gel must be applied to the skin surface. When the Eagle I’d roller is in contact with a skin, the conductive gel transmits the pulses to the hair follicles.

When the galvanic electronic pulses from the roller reach the hair root natural chemical electrolytic action takes place.

This changes a saltwater solution surrounding each hair, follicle to sodium hydroxide or lye.

This damages the hair root.

With regular use of Verseo eGlide progressive permanent hair removal system, hair will not be rejuvenated, and will not grow again.

The amazing eGlide technology is needle free, painless and cannot cause scarring and it is so easy to use.


Open the back and insert the two AAA batteries

On the control there are two buttons.

The right button turns the unit on and off.

The left button lets you select the face roller mode or the body roller mode. The LED light will indicate the selected mode.

The green contact LED will light up when the roller comes into contact with a skin, which has contact gel.

One bleep will sound.

The conductive roller can be easily removed for cleaning. Just open the conductive roller protector and wipe. Make sure the roller is replaced correctly before closing the protective cover.

Every box of eGlide comes with special tweezers, a skin marker crayon, and silicon treatment stencil. Plus, two AAA batteries, and a convenient carrying case.

Before using the eGlide test it on the side of your neck, to ensure that you do not have any adverse reaction, which is most unusual.

Apply a generous amount of gel onto your neck and spread over a 1 square inch area.

Switch on the eGlide, select face mode, place the eGlide roller onto the skin.

You will hear two beeps to confirm contact and the green LED will come on.

Roll gently back and forth across the skin covered with a gel. After 90 seconds you will hear three beeps to signal the end of that treatment session.

If there are no adverse reaction on your skin, you are ready to use eGlide on all your problem areas.

For best results, make sure skin is thoroughly clean, dry and non-greasy before you use eGlide.

Avoid using alcohol cleansers. Use eGlide when the strands of hair are just visible above the skin.

After every eGlide treatment use the eGlide tweezers to gently pull out stubborn hair.

Remember to pull the hair out in the direction of the growth.


Apply a generous amount of gel onto the treatment area of around one square inch.

Make sure the gel is not too thick and do not rub it into the skin.

Switch on the eGlide, and select face roller mode. Remember, hold the eGlide between the fingers and the thumb, making sure they are touching the metal strips.

The LED will turn on.

Gently roll the roller back and forth over the treatment area, and do not lose contact with a skin. if you are using eGlide on small areas like the upper lip, do not worry if there is not enough room to move the roller.

As long as the roller is in contact with the skin, it will still work. If the roller loses contact with the skin, it will beep three times and automatically switch off.

Just turn the eGlide back on again, and select face roller mode.

This is a built in safety device.

Each treatment is 90 seconds long, made up of three 20-second cycles, with a 10-second rest period between cycles.

After you finish one area, you can move on to the next area and repeat the treatment.

Do not exceed more than two treatment cycles of 90 seconds in the same area per day.

Do not treat the same area for more than five days a week, to give your skin your rest.


Apply gel onto the treatment area of around one square inch.

Switch on the eGlide, and select body roller mode.

The body roller mode is 11 minutes or two 5-minute cycles, with a one-minute rest period in between.

You will hear two beeps, and the green LED will come on, confirming good contact.

The „Verseo eGlide” must always be in contact with a skin, or else the safety device will automatically turn it off.

Use eGlide on your underarms.

Apply gel under your armpit and gently roll the roller back and forth over the area covered with gel.

eGlide is perfect for that smooth bikini line.

Apply a layer of conductive gel around 20 centimeters or 8 inches long, and around 3 centimeters or 1 inch wide, which is about the same width as if you eGlide roller, so that the „Verseo eGlide” is in contact with a limited area over the 11 minute treatment cycle.

If you try to do too big an area „Verseo eGlide” will not be as effective.

When using eGlide on your legs, use that special silicon stencil and the skin marker crayon to easily mark out the treatment areas.

Just place the stencil on the leg and use the crayon to draw around the inside of the stencil.

You can mark out to stencil areas side by side or, on top of each other.

Apply the conductive gel within the mark area.

Gently roll, the eGlide roller back pip-boy area.

The skin marker crayon will help you see exactly which areas have been treated.

On the body roller mode to not exceed one treatment cycle of 11 minutes in the same area per day.

You can repeat the treatment in the same area 6 days a week, but give your skin a break one day a week.

Getting into the eGlide routine is easy.

It only takes a few minutes every day and with continued use, you will achieve permanent results without expensive and painful salon treatments.

With eGlide there’s no more waxing, no more shaving, no more painful needle electrolysis, and no risk of scarring from laser treatments.

And eGlide is great for men to!

Discover eGlide, and the fast, easy, painless and affordable secret to permanent hair removal.