You’re on vacation, traveling across the country and everywhere you look, you see recreation vehicles with trailers, hitches and the like pulling alternative transportation for use when they get where they are going. Not you. You are smarter than they are.

No ramps, hitches, trailers required. You have more important things to spend your money on. Not to mention the fact that you re probably getting a lot better gas mileage since you don’t have to tow all that dead weight. What is your secret?

You reach around and pat yourself on the back for being so smart. Your little secret is the new RV companion. I’m talking about your electric scooters, all folded down and snug in its compartment just waiting to be used when you get to your pit stop.

Just about everywhere you look you see recreation vehicles driving down the road dragging along an extra vehicle behind them. It seems that not everyone has figured out the cost savings of dumping that extra vehicle and stowing electric scooters instead.

Think about how much it cost to fill one of these houses on wheels up with fuel and with all this extra weight, more often.

Recreation vehicles and electric scooters go hand in hand. While recreation vehicles allow you to take all the comforts of home along for the ride, electric scooters allow you to enjoy the freedom of getting around when you get there; without the expense of bringing another car.

Dumping the car and bringing electric scooters on your next trip has several advantages:

  1. Electric scooters take up less storage: Would you rather tow a vehicle behind your recreational vehicle or have the peace of mind knowing that your electric scooters are stored securely in your RV? Several models of electric scooters have the ability to fold down for easy storage, and this advantage allows you to store the scooter in a much smaller space.
  2. Having electric scooters will improve your RV mileage: With the removal of that big trailer to tow your automobile behind you, you will get more miles to the gallon, and in essence will not have to fill up as often. By taking the tons of weight off your RV’s load, you will have more money in your pocket to do more on your vacation.
  3. Electric scooters are more convenient: Whether it’s a stop in between or when you get to your final destination; you have the luxury of pulling out your electric scooters and taking in the sights. Riding on a trail, taking short trips to the store, or just getting around the RV park. Your electric scooter is ready.
  4. Gas:  Not a problem: With electric scooters, there is no need to fill up before you go. You don’t have to go out of your way to find a gas station either. Just plug your scooter in for about 4-6 hours, this can be done while driving your RV, and you’re ready to go.

A cheap electric scooter will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, how much money will you save by not hooking up your car and towing it with you? After a couple of fill-ups in your RV, you will have paid for the cost of your cheap electric scooter.

Instead of wasting your money on fuel, you have options. The solution, get a cheap electric scooter and put that hard earned cash back in your wallet.

As you can see, electric scooters are the smart choice when it comes to efficiency and convenience, and are a cost effective means of transportation.

As gas prices continue to fluctuate, why not take the worry out of not having enough for your next vacation and check out the electric scooters today.