Best Home Waxing Kits for All Your Hair Removal Needs

Best Home Waxing Kits for All Your Hair Removal Needs

Home waxing kits can be a great option for anyone who want to keep skin fuzz-free without dropping big bucks at a salon for waxing or laser hair removal every few weeks.

Unfortunately, without the right products, waxing at home can also get a little messy. And, without proper attention, you can accidentally get burned.

Rica Wax – Liposoluble Wax – Method of Application

In this post we will describe the best way of wax application.

We will describe in detail different stages of wax treatment.

  • in what way to apply the wax,
  • exactly how to remove residual wax, as well as
  • pre- epil and post -epil phases.

Method of Application – Liposuble Wax

Phase 1. Wax Heater

Turn on the wax heater before the client arrives, so as to give the wax enough time to reach the right degree of fluidity.

Set the indicator at the highest temperature.

Put the jar in the proper position, open the jar and discard the aluminum cover, and after that close the jar with the proper plastic cork.

Check that the wax has reached the exact fluidity for application, that is to say a consistency comparable to that of honey.

Once the correct fluidity is reached, the indicator should be set at 80 °C.

In this way, it is possible to work while maintaining the right consistency of the wax for applications.

Phase 2. Pre-Epil Gel

Clean the area to wax with cotton milk pre-epil gel, to eliminate the presence of moisturizing creams and guarantee optimum bonding of the wax.

Apply and massage gently, and at the end pat with paper.

Phase 3. How To Apply the Wax?

We advise you not to apply an excessive amount of wax during a single application.

Place the spatula in the jar, let a little wax fall off, scrape off one side of the spatula on the edge of the jar.

It is advised to apply the wax on small areas of the body each time.

Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth.

Now, apply the TNT strip over the wax and press with the hands in order to guarantee optimum bonding of the wax.

During the pullback faze, we recommend keeping the skin taut.

The pullback motion must be parallel to the area being waxed.

Never pull back in a vertical direction.

Pull off the TNT strip with one firm motion in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.

Phase 4. Removal of Residual Wax with TNT Strip

Remove any residual wax by patting with the TNT strip.

Phase 5. Possible Red Spots

After pulling back, red spots may appear on the client skin, but this is a normal reaction of the hair bulb.

It may last from twenty to forty minutes.

We would like to remind you that, in situations where the client is in a particular state of stress, or has her period, or has longer hair growth, this effect may persist longer.

Phase 6. Post-Epil Lotion

Apply the post-epil lotion to remove any residual wax.

Soothing and moisturizing the stressed skin, thus reducing the post-depilation redness caused by pulling back.

Spray and massage gently.

Phase 7. Calf Depilation

For optimum depletion of the calf, it is advised to have the client lay their feet flat, and keep them in this position.

In this way, the skin is held taut, facilitating the pullback action.

Phase 8. Cleaning the Work Tools

After every use, it is advised to clean the spatula with paper, and the wax heater with the post-epil lotion.

Method of Application – Haters

Phase 1. Hater Preparation

Turn on the base of the heater by inserting the plug

Make sure that the power is switched on.

Put the wax refill inside the heater and from time to time check that the wax in the refill reaches the right fluidity.

When it is fluid enough, the next step is application.

Release the roll applying the wax a couple of times to a TNT strip, and not directly to the client skin.

Phase 2. Pre-Epple Gel

Clean the area to wax with cotton milk pre-epil gel, to eliminate the presence of moisturizing creams and guarantee optimum bonding of the wax.

Apply and massage gently, and at the end pat with paper.

Phase 3. how To Use the Heater?

Hold the heater, and proceed by making the applicator run in the direction of hair growth.

It is advised to apply the wax on small areas of the body each time.

Apply the TNT strip over the wax, press with the hands in order to guarantee optimum bonding of the wax.

During the pullback phase, we recommend keeping the skin taut.

The pullback motion has to be parallel to the area being waxed and never pull back in a vertical direction.

Pull back the TNT strip with one firm motion, in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.


Remove any residual wax by patting with the TNT strip.

Phase 5. Post-Epil Emulsion

Apply the coconut post-epil emulsion to remove any residual wax, soothing the stressed skin and moisturizing the particularly sensitive skin.

Apply and massage lightly.

Rica Research Laboratories

The Rica Research Laboratories have patented their wax formula, unique for its distinctiveness, performance and high quality.

This formula does not contain colophony an irritant resin usually used in wax production

Contains titanium dioxide, a cosmetic component which make the wax creamy and easy to apply, contains vegetable oils for nourishing action.

The line includes a range of post-epil products, which remove any residual wax, moisturize and soothe the stressed waxed skin.

We recommend the use of oil in winter, or for particularly dry skin, we recommend the application of post-epil lotion.

Also, there is quick absorbing dry oil for those who are not fond of products which are too oily or nourishing.

We recommend the application of the coconut post-epil emulsion, to moisturize the skin and restore the hydro lipid skin layer after depilation, thus minimizing redness.

Professional at Home Waxing

I have been waxing at home for over two years.

I’m someone who is a “baby” when it comes to pain, and could not even think that I would ever get used to waxing.

As soon as I got used to it, I realized how easy it is, and how cost-efficient it actually is.

I really fell in love with it, and I’ve been doing it for over two years at home.

Waxing can save you so much money, especially if you go to a salon regularly.

For a home waxing, all you need is a really great, reliable, wax warmer, a waxing kit and of course, the wax.

You can choose any wax that you want.

There’s hard wax, there’s soft wax, there’s all types of waxes out there, but it really doesn’t matter what kind of wax you get as long as you have a good wax warmer and some good accessories.

I do not recommend heating your wax in a microwave.

It is so messy, It is very dangerous, and – just don’t do it.

For example, I’ve got a really great wax warmer and a waxing kit from Amazon.

This days, they are so affordable, and cost less than one session at a salon, and since I am a very busy mom, I don’t have time to waste going to a salon.

Waxing at home is the easiest, so much less time-consuming, and with a good waxing warmer and a waxing kit, the cleanup is a breeze.

Best of all, it lasts over two weeks until I have to do it again, it’s really easy and you don’t need to be a professional to know how to do a right.

That’s what I’m teach you guys today.

I will show you the best way to wax, and give you some really great tips and tricks on achieving the best painless waxing.

I prefer using soft wax, although I do use hard wax here and there. Soft wax bond to the skin more than hard wax and grabs to the hair a lot better, especially in larger areas.

Also, soft wax is a lot cheaper and can be applied in a really thin layer, and soft wax tends to be a little less painful.

I usually use it for like sensitive areas like the bikini area or armpits.

That’s why I have waxing kit with muslin strips. They’re super flexible and perfect for both facial waxing in larger areas.

I really prefer these muslin strips over any paper strips, because they’re much more flexible. They stick to any body part a lot better to get absolutely every hair out from whatever area you’re waxing.

So, I really recommend muslin strips over any type of paper strip.

Luxuria Rara Waxing Kit

The kit that I usually use is “Luxuria Rara Waxing Kit”, as well as the wax warmer by the same brand.

That’s kind of what you need to start with, and it’s your choice to use any kind of wax you want. This is really up to you and your skin type and just your preference.

The waxing kit comes with so many awesome waxing accessories like different sizes of wooden spatula, comes with two different size muslin strips, and also waxing kit comes with two different sprays.

One is the pre-wax spray. This spray just helps clean up the skin before waxing, removes any debris, dirt, makeup, oil, or anything like that.

And then, waxing kit also comes with a post-waxing spray, and this just has a blend of oils in there, and that’s gonna help soothe and moisturize the skin after you’re done waxing. This spray also prevents any irritation or bumps or information, or anything like that.

Waxing kit also has paper wax collars, to keep the wax warmer and the area around it clean, especially if you’re a beginner.

You don’t want to make a huge mess because, and these are universal paper wax collars. They should fit just about any wax warmer.

So, the kit comes with a bunch of really useful items.

That’s going to help you achieve the best waxing treatment and you definitely need a waxing kit when doing any type of at home waxing.

Luxuria Rara Wax Warmer

So, I got this “Luxuria Rara” wax warmer from Amazon. It is so affordable and can be used for long waxing sessions at salons, or you could of course, use it for just at home waxing. Very light, compact in size and doing his job – It heats up the wax very quickly.

Also, you could keep it at a certain temperature that you like and it has a removable stainless steel pot that can fit any 14 ounce jar of soft wax, or you could also just put hard wax in there, like wax beans or the wax cubes.

This excellent wax warmer works great.

It took approximately 30 minutes to warm up, and then occasionally shots off the moment thermostat gets to temperature I want, and after that turns on to continue to keep it worm.

On top of that, I was really amazed just how well it is done!

Even when you use various kinds of wax, every one of them will warm up equally.

The red LED indicator activates every time it needs to hit it up, and then turns of once metal plate riches correct temperature.

“Luxuria Rara” wax warmer appears totally professional, allowing you to use it equally, at your home or perhaps in the cosmetic salon.

But now with all that, out of the way, let’s get into the waxing part.

How to Use Soft Wax for Waxing?

So, first I wanted to show you how I use soft wax and I’m just gonna wax my arm.

This is the only place that it’s like more visible and I could kind of show you guys on the images.

I’m also gonna use hard wax later as well, and I will show you how I use it on my face.

I’ve never waxed my mustache yet, but I’ve seen people do it, and I just want to wax that off and show you guys how easy it is.

So, let’s start.

The wax warmer does come with a bunch of instructions if you’re still confused on how to use it.

I’ve been using this for a long time and I already know how to do it properly.

So, I’ve had this wax sitting in here for a couple minutes now, just warming up. This is soft wax, and it’s sometimes called “honey wax”.

So, first things first.

You want to make sure the area that you’re about to wax is nice and clean.

So, I did spray some of this pre wax spray on my arm, since this is where I’m gonna be waxing.

Now, that my arm is clean, the wax did heat up in here and I’m going to demonstrate how to do it properly.

It’s always recommended to first kind of try a little bit of it on your palm or anywhere, just to make sure it’s not too hot, because you don’t want to burn yourself.

You want to apply the wax towards the way that your hair is growing, and I’m going to apply the wax that way.

Now, I’m going to take one of these muslin strips and place that on top.

Press with the hands in order to guarantee optimum bonding of the wax.

Again, towards the way your hair is growing.

And now, you’re ready?

The pullback motion must be parallel to the area being waxed.

Never pull back in a vertical direction.

Pull off the TNT strip with one firm motion in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.

And, ta-da – everything is off!

I can see all the hair, and I did not feel any pain whatsoever.

You can always go back if there’s a bit more.

Waxing completely takes off any hair from the area that you are applying the wax on, and it feels so smooth.

Should I Try Hard Wax on My Face?

Now, this is the first time I’m trying this.

I usually wax myself with soft wax. It’s really easy very painless and fast.

But, I have seen so many videos about “wax beans”, and they say this is the new and easy way to wax, and everyone is eager to try.

I’m gonna do on my face and also a little bit more on other hand. This way we’ll see how much better the hard wax works rather than soft wax.

So, it’s been literally just seconds, and it looks like the wax is already melted.

That was super quick.

As I said, I haven’t used hard wax before, so that was very impressive at how quickly all of this melted.

So, here comes the moment of truth.

First, I’m going to test it out a little bit on my hand, make sure it’s not too hot.

So, I saw the videos and with this wax you don’t need any strips.

I think you just let it dry and then just pull it off.

Let’s get ready….


Well, it definitely took off all the hair, but I’ll be honest, it’s a little more painful than the soft wax that I did on my first hand.

Hard wax hardens pretty quickly, so you don’t really have to wait that much.

But I think right now, with the hard wax, waxing is a little bit messier. I do see some extra wax just around, but it does absolutely work really quickly.

So, I’m gonna go ahead and try it one on my face.



Well, that wasn’t that bad, but I don’t really see that much hair on this.

With hard wax, I just see my makeup, but on the soft wax I definitely saw the fine hair, all of it was definitely plucked out.

But when I waxed with the hard wax, I don’t really see anything.

Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax

So, the wax beans are a little fun and would be super easy to do on larger areas, but for the face I don’t really recommend it.

It doesn’t really do much.

But, the soft wax definitely works on any areas and is a lot less painful.

Also, on several occasions, I used to use wax strips, and I thought those were the less painful ones, but they’re not.

Actually, getting a wax warmer and doing your own waxing at home with the soft wax is so much less painful than any type of other waxing methods that I’ve ever tried.

DIY Sugaring Wax – Facial Body Hair Removal at Home

I’ll show you how to make it at home with minimal mess and with amazing results.

Imagine, from today onwards you had a revolutionary natural method to remove facial and body hair.

No painful ingrown hair, no breakouts, no rashes and no itchiness.

It was my personal experience.

You’re going to need:

  • 2 cups of regular white sugar,
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice, and
  • 1/4 cup of water.

It is best to mix water and sugar, before you start to heat the mixture.

I’ve tried it hundreds of times in so many different ways, I’ve tried so many different recipes and narrowed it down to fine art almost.

So, here’s the method that I use.

The stage one is when you’re going to cook it for 9 minutes on low to medium heat and you’re, also going to add lemon juice in the mixture.

If you’ve got sensitive skin or you live in a colder environment, then the secret ingredient to add later on during the process, is Guar Gum, and I’ll show you where and how to add it, but Guar Gum is amazing thing.

The thing I tell you about ingrown hair is, you can actually get rid of scars to a very great extent.

We’re going to proceed with the stage two, which is putting it on medium heat for 2 minutes.

Now, stage 3 begins where it’s going to be on high heat for 4 minutes.

You will see the color will start to change as well, and this is where we’re going to transfer it after the end of 4 minutes to a baking tray.

Trust me on this, you don’t want to put it anywhere else, because it goes everywhere in the kitchen, and it’s so hard to get rid of it.

So, I’m going to mix the one teaspoon of Guar Gum into half a mixture of the initial quantity that I set out with and with this baking tray mixture, I’ve got nothing else to it.

So just went to show you comparison, how you got to do it?

What you’re going to do now is to use your spoon and start to bring the mixture in together and then, when it’s safe touch, then knead the mixture.

Be very careful, the mixture is going to be very, very hot.

So, when it is safe to touch, you start to stretch it like a Play-Doh.

It softens it up immediately.

Now, you can use it immediately, or you can keep it in the fridge.

That way it will be hard a bit, but if you put it in a microwave for 10 seconds, it softens the mixture up.

Sugaring is actually one of the very few methods that cause no ingrown hair.

Applying DIY Sugaring Wax

To apply “DIY sugaring wax”, you’re going to smooth this mixture by using the tips of your fingers.

Apply a lot of pressure there, and then snap it off.

You’re going to move against the direction of your hair growth to apply the mixture, and then you’re going to move in the direction of your hair growth to pull it off.

It’s very different from any other methods.

Almost seep the mixture into your pores per se, not really, but you know what I mean.

This method is perfect for the upper lip area, and I know some people use it for the sides of the face and forehead as well.


I definitely have made a lot of mistakes in the past and I’ve learned from them, and I really want to make sure that you don’t have to make those same mistakes again.