What Will Future Energy Be?


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A growing number of homeowners in the United States are turning to renewable energy sources to provide power for their homes.

Solar power systems only need sunlight to power your home and vehicle, recharge large battery systems, and still allow you to sell extra energy to your utility company.

Wind power can perform the same functions by producing energy from wind-powered turbines.

Both depend on often volatile forces of nature, but overall, solar panels provide more consistent energy.

There are many choices but what will future energy be? How can you benefit today?

Wind Turbines vs. Solar Panels

Solar panels have been on rooftops in certain areas of the country for years already. As the technology to convert the energy from the sun into electricity and then to store it continues to improve these panels will be able to supply even more of the homeowners energy needs.

The same thing is true with wind power. The technology to convert the energy of the wind into electricity and store it for later use has improved to the point where even a small, house sized wind turbine can generate enough electricity to make it worthwhile to invest in one.

This is particularly true for those units that you build yourself. Building it yourself will be a fraction of the price of buying one. For this reason you can get your investment back in months instead of years.

A word of caution though, a few solar panels and/or one turbine won’t be enough to generate all the electricity you will need for your home. And some locations will be better suited to one over the other.

Even if you live in a sunny climate, there still is no sun at night, so for about half the day, everyday, you won’t be generating any electricity.

Wind power will only work if you are in a fairly open area so that the available wind can reach your turbine. Since you can put your turbine on your roof that opens up the possibilities somewhat.


The point is that to a degree future energy is available today. The more advances we make the more economical these alternative energy sources will become, but even at todays levels they are still worth it for anyone who wants to go green and save some money at the same time.

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