In Europe, the main form of mobile accommodation is the caravan. These carry with them a reputation for being old-fashioned, slow and cramped.

However, in America the mobile accommodation of choice is the RV. This stands for Recreation Vehicle and is an umbrella term for a whole variety of vehicles with living space included.

The most impressive type of RV is the Class A Motorhome. This vehicle is similar in size to a bus and has a cabin at the front from where the driving is done.

These luxury vehicles are ideal for long trips, vacations and even living in on a permanent basis. They can be equipped with all of the mod-cons associated with a typical home and can sleep up to 10 people, depending on the model.

These large vehicles are often found with a standard car being towed behind to allow the inhabitants to park the RV and undertake local journeys in a more practically sized vehicle.

If you already own a pick up or towing vehicle, the fifth wheel trailer may be more beneficial to you. Considerably cheaper than an RV, the trailer attaches to the truck and is towed in this manner.

The master bedroom usually sits over the truck bed, giving the trailer a two storey dimension. It can be detached from the vehicle and is then freestanding, allowing the vehicle to be used for conventional purposes.

The travel trailer is similar to the fifth wheel trailer but is suitable for towing by any standard vehicle once the required adaptation shave been made. This is most reminiscent of the European caravan but brings more luxurious accommodation and features with it.

The Class B Motorhome is similar to the Class A in that it has the drivers cab incorporated into it. However, it is much smaller and only sleeps up to 4 people on a temporary basis.

The benefits of this are that it can be used as a traditional vehicle also, making it an ideal solution for a large family. The Class C Motorhome makes an ideal compromise between the Class A and Class B models.

It too has an incorporated cab but sleeps up to 6 and is more suited to permanent accommodation than the Class B. As with the Class A model, all of the living space can be utilised whilst on the move making it versatile and practical to use.

There is almost always a private sleeping area above the cab which can be used for extra storage if sleeping space is not required.

These are only a few of the varieties of RV available but give you a general idea of the scope and freedom that these vehicles can give you.

Although they don’t come cheap, they are not over priced and give you the opportunity to have comfortable accommodation wherever you may go.

You can make it very homely with all of your personal belongings on display and the comfort they provide is impressive.