This year for our vacation we thought that we would try something quite different for us.

We usually have our travel agent book us reservations for some resort where we can relax with luxurious accommodations and visit interesting attractions nearby.

Most of the time we fly to our destination, but we have driven if it is not more than a few hours away. This year we decided that we would like to try roughing it in an RV. We have never done anything like this before, so we thought that it may be fun.

We have friends who have shared their experiences with us and it did sound very inviting to relax around an open fire and enjoy mountain, ocean, or desert views. We do not own an RV, so we decided that we would rent one for this vacation.

We do not enjoy driving that much, so it seamed very appropriate that we fly to our location and pick up an RV there to use for a week or so.

We began our search on the internet for RV rentals. We typed in RV rental North Carolina and found many dealers who were willing to rent their RVs nightly, weekly, or long term. We typed in RV rental Phoenix and found very similar ads.

Phoenix is a very popular place to visit and we have always wanted to go there. But after searching RV rental Texas, RV rental Montana, RV rental Orlando, and RV rental in North Dakota, we began to change our minds.

We found that very small RV units start out at $125.00 per day and go up to as much as $300.00 per day depending on the size that you choose. There is a small discount on weekly or long term rental.

Additional cost not mentioned are insurance and taxes. So we began to do the math. Figuring the cost of the vehicle, the price of fuel, and then the cost of renting a campground space, you have yourself a very expensive endeavor.

Just a campsite alone can cost as much as $40.00 to $60.00 a day.

We quickly decided that roughing it is very expensive. We can stay at a luxurious hotel or condominium somewhere, eat in the finest restaurants, and relax around a pool or spa all day long, or cook around a campfire, fight the flies and mosquitoes, and sleep in a camper bed for the same amount of money.

The choice really wasn’t hard to make. For those who like the out of doors, cooking your own meals, camping in the woods, and washing dishes, go for it. We just didn’t think that we could afford it.